Hwarang: X Block Drill

Just found a list of beautiful pattern diagrams at Taekwondo Club of University of Virginia - though I wished they could have included a list of numbers along with techniques. And to include the front face of techniques during a turn. This post is about step 24, a downward X block - though all you see from the diagram above is the back of the guy. Anyway, we use the x block - possibly one of the most ill taught of traditional techniques - very much as a 'sequence' of related block-deflections, starting from the open hand/elbow strike in Yul-gok to the swipe down next grab in Toi-gye, and the upward x block-stripping away striking arm in Choong Moo. Hwa-rang's x block is done against a mid section strike, either directly to your gut or upwards. It strikes down hard on the arm, and rotates the opponent's arm inwards toward his body, ending up in a 'mountain block' as you would see in Toi-gye, hyperflexing the arm at the elbow. If the opponent is doing this drill with standard basic punches, your lead arm will be ready to come down hard on the next strike, and you can continue doing the rotation and applying pressure to the next elbow. Tips for success are to strike the oncoming arm hard and early, and to apply lots of forward pressure on the arm and opponent. Not to do so will have the opponent pulling the arm back quickly and will result in you getting yourself stabbed or punched multiple times. There is an absolute winner post 72 Bunkai to Juji-uke at KaratebyJesse covering multiple applications of the x block. 

Just found this cute video of this kid performing Hwa-rang ...


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SooShimKwan said…
Thank you for the "72 Bunkai" link and introduction to a nice website I didn't know about.
Colin Wee said…
That was a really good post wasn't it? Now why can't Korean stylists start creating good stuff like that?
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supergroup7 said…
The "hands in the pockets" finishing move that the cute kid did was just darling. It states "yep.. I'm finished!" in such an efficient way.
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