Chief Instructor
Colin Wee

Hon Technical Director
Eric San Jose

Niaal Holder

Assistant Instructor
Joshua Lay

Associate Instructor
Nate Creevey

Instructors of Joong Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do Inc

Joong Do Kwan is far from being a one man show. Each of our black belts brings their perspective of Traditional Taekwondo and a wide range of experience developed by cross training, further research, and an ongoing analysis of Taekwondo Hyung.

Master Eric San Jose joins JDK as an Hon. Technical Director. This addition to JDK is a huge boon to the promotion and cultivation of Taekwondo Hyung as it was practiced in the 1950s and 1960s.

The synergy and collaboration between adept Traditional Taekwondo practitioners helps to further develop traditional systems in relation to present day needs and our own human condition. I would urge you to train with each of these practitioners in order to understand what they have received from Traditional Taekwondo hyung, and what they continue to deliver on behalf of this living martial art.

Rank and Titling Awarded by Joong Do Kwan and JDK International

  • Kyosahnim Niaal Holder 
  • 3rd Dan Niaal Holder KDY-108
  • 2nd Dan Joshua Lay BDC-II-189
  • 1st Dan Associate William Mioch

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