Chief Instructor Master Colin Wee

Master Wee is a member of American Karate and Taekwondo Organization, an Associate Master Instructor with Taekwondo Kidokwan Perth, International Affiliate with Molum Combat Arts Association, and an Administrator for The study of Taekwondo/ 태권도의 공부. Master Wee is ranked 6th dan in Traditional Taekwondo and has 36 years of experience in the martial arts. In a previous life, Master Wee was a National Representative in Archery and Assistant National Coach. Colin holds a BBA with Honors in Organisation Behavior and Business Policy, and a Masters in Business and Technology. Master Wee was awarded AKATO Instructor of the Year in 2016. Through Master Wee, JDK continues a lineage that traces its roots to GM Keith Yates' Nam Seo Kwan, and in turn the late GM Jhoon Rhee's Chung Do Kwan roots. More Info on Master Wee

Niaal Holder 3rd Dan
Nate Creevey 3rd Dan
Joshua Lay 2nd Dan

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