Joong Do Kwan, Perth, Western Australia 2015

Q. Why practice?
Traditional training looks at real and expected threats through the lens of a historical combat system. We use this to circumvent the opponent's resistance. The struggle to perform under duress has ancillary benefits in all other aspects of life. A wide variety of our lessons can accompany you beyond the training hall, and help provide mental tools for living in the 21st Century. 

Q. How do you see Joong Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do differing from modern Taekwondo or Karate?
A combative sport is great for the family and the nurturing of children. The structured learning, competition-based environment, and reward system form an excellent, structured, and accessible activity for your child's growth. However, we are not competition based. Our journey is an inner one that explores the deptsh of a traditional framework. We welcome you to reflect on this together with us.

Q. Why do you do persist with 'traditional' training?
It's ironic but the heart of tradition is where you find a progressive, pragmatic, and goal-oriented mindset. Think about this - no pioneering martial art personality in history seeks to be dated or bound by limitations. While 'Tradition' sometimes connotates a petrification or a fossilisation of a system, this is not what we seek. We celebrate the lineage by cdelebrating the patterns - performing them as we have received them. We make them a 'living' system by applying it to our ever changing needs and our growing insight.

Q. Many Taekwondo schools claim to be 'Traditional.'
Wikipedia states the "umbrella term Traditional Taekwondo typically refers to the martial arts practiced by the kwans during the 1940s and 1950s." Is this still true of their lineage? 

Q. Doesn't martial arts teach violence? Will my child become violent?
There's research and many anecdotal stories showing how martial arts promotes discipline, calmness, and wellbeing. Training is physical, and students are challenged both physically and mentally. And while many exercises may appear to be aggressive, the winning mindset ironically requires one to focus on the now, to filter out extraneous thoughts, and to surpress the negative emotional context of anger, or hate, or dismay. 

Q. Am I too old or unfit to get started?
Whatever you think you are, you are. Training is best when there's a two-way communication about your fitness levels, injuries, or health concerns. Work within your limits but be sincere about the effort needed to progress towards your goals. 

Q. What can you expect as a student of JDK?
Techniques are explained and pedagogy overviewed so you know where you're headed within the system. We seek to establish a safe, and non-judgemental training enviornment. 

Q. What uniform do I need?
When you're accepted in the program, you'll need a 'Traditional White Foldover Karate Uniform' for yourself. Talk to your instructor about where to source this. Choose at least a medium weight to prevent tearing. It is highly recommended for male students to get a groin protector. 

Q. How difficult are gradings?
Students should not always expect to pass. 

And if you are a parent, take note - failure is a learning opportunity. We are not here to sell belts. If you think we are obligated to pass you or your child - DO NOT COME TO US.

Q. What do you think of cross training?
With other martial art styles, other instructors, and other schools? We highly recommend you explore cross training opportunities! 

Q. If I train every day, can I make black belt in 24 months or under?
There is a truism "nothing good is ever easy." When, or if, you get a clue, come say hi. You might even be able to re-use that old uniform. 

Q. What does JDK expect of its students?
  1. Keep a training journal. 
  2. Revise what you are taught; using mental visualisation liberally.
  3. Know what you have to work on. 
  4. Maintain your physical fitness, limb mobility, and flexibility outside class. 
  5. Apply discipline to your diet and nutrition. 
  6. Focus on your well-being.
  7. Keep an open mind.

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    To avoid embarrassment, please do not inquire about certification through JDK. Additionally, please do not offer certification as a token of appreciation to any JDK member. 

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