Instructors Colin Wee and Joshua Lay practice at the Matilda Bay Foreshore in 2019

Joong Do Kwan was established in Perth, Western Australia in 2000. In the early years, we held our Taekwondo classes at Wesley School in South Perth, and Murdoch University. Eventually we moved North of the river, and would hold classes in Nedlands, at St Margaret's Anglican Church and John Leckie Pavilion at College Park.

  • Current Classes: Wed 7:00pm (batch syllabus) | Sat 08:30am (senior students)
  • Location: Nedlands, Western Australia (by invitation only)
  • Pre-requisites: a) Read post on Etiquette. b) Sign Release and Liability Form. 
  • Uniform: When you are accepted in the program, you can then organise for a 'Traditional White Foldover Karate Uniform' for yourself. Choose at least a medium weight to prevent tearing. It is also highly recommended for you to get a groin protector. 
  • Batch Training Schedules:Please request your softcopy of the training schedule appropriate for your belt rank if you haven't received the document at the start of your training..   
  • Other Requirements: It is a condition of continued training for all accepted members past white belt that you acquire membership to American Karate and Taekwondo Organization. 

The work we have done from studies of our Taekwondo lineage has allowed us to reflect on how Taekwondo fits into the grand scheme of the martial arts world, travel deeper into the lessons we've been gifted, and make its '精神' (Jīngshén) or 'essence' accessible to one and all.

If you find yourself in Perth, are interested in exploring something different, and/or are walking the middle path like us ... come visit us. Or call us up for a coffee.

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