Best Indie Book Awards 2023 Non-Fiction: Martial Arts Winner

"Collin, I always enjoy your videos, they give me so much to think about.  I like your interpretation of the movements.   I hadn't really thought of using the rear hand as parry/capture for the punch but that sets up some really different applications, in fact as I was watching your video a couple came to mind.   I'll see if I can't try and video so tonight to share." Mark Lynne Chief Instructor and Founder, Hidden Sword

"Presenting Colin Wee with the [AKATO 2016] instructor of the year award. ... You deserve it." GM Keith D Yates Founder, American Karate and Taekwondo Organization

"I would like to nominate you for the 2020 Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame which is in Perth this year." Doug Spear, Seishin Martial Arts

"Great post. Makiwara has long been critical to Okinawan Karate development." Ikigai Way

"I was preparing another side kick post, when I happened on Colin Wee's excellent, Won-hyo: The Taekwondo Side Kick, ..." TDA Training 

"Your's continues to be one of the best Taekwon-Do blogs out there!" Soo Shim Kwan

"I just wanted to mention that it was a comment you made somewhere about the need for some "sine wave motion" practitioner to take up the pen, that started me writing more seriously about the topic. You in effect inspired me to write more specifically about ITF Taekwon-Do (misunderstandings) and so the success of the Soo Shim Kwan-blog is in part your doing." Soo Shim Kwan

"Right on Colin! I enjoy reading your posts on traditional tae kwon do. As a traditional tkdist for 23 years now, I understand a lot about what you write, so I have finally decided to contact you." Joe Sayles, Jr.

"Great close-quarter drill Colin!" Dan Djurdjevic

"A 'thinking persons' martial art! Sensei Colin is a very experienced and well travelled martial artist who combines traditional knowledge with an open-minded approach to provide the very best tuition for his students. Moreover, he doesn't just 'talk the talk' but can most certainly 'walk the walk' as well!" Nenad Djurdjevic

"traditional martial arts with the efficiency of krav maga, combining art and nut-breaking practicality together. Even with my kickboxing background and only meeting him a few times previously in early 2008, Colin is one of the few true traditional martial arts teachers in Perth that helped me change my views on the "outdated" traditional fighting styles, I cannot recommend this place more for anybody wishing to learn self defence and a way of life" Ken Bac

"This is just the sort of information I've been looking for. It makes so much of what we learn in class applicable in sparring situations." Be a Fun Mum

"Many of the "old applications" only work if pre-arranged with a compliant partner. Things like you describe above make much more sense." Charlie

"Good points. For too long traditional martial arts have ignored the psychological aspects of pre-fight build up; or indeed how to avoid a fight if possible at this stage. It is good to see that more and more people are talking about this side of self defence." Bunkai Jutsu

 "This is great. Bullying is bad news and lifes can be ruined by it. I am proud of you for taking this great interest and passing on the message." Tim White

"This is Colin Wee`s blog on old style Chang Hon Taekwondo. Very diverse writings, and always interesting:) You will find everything from aplications, techniques, training tips, history and other intersting Things here:) This is the blog I have followed faithfully for many years and is an inspiration for my own blog." Γ˜rjan Nilsen 

"More! More!" supergroup7

"Sincere congratulations Colin Wee. At your small TKD mad scientist lab I am convinced that you are at the forefront of TKD research in a way that cannot be done by the multinationals 😊 Thanks for that and enjoy the well deserved award." Manuel Esteban Adrogue

"Fantastic! And what I love most about this is that the award is based on quality (of teaching) and not quantity (of students). πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘" Soo-Shim Kwan

"I believe that one is unable to accomplish their true potential with either to much praise or to much criticism; Colin seems to possess an almost innate sense of how much is required of both.
Cheers for your encouragement, enthusiasm, and willingness to share all knowledge openly.
Hope to see everyone sometime soon." Travis Bowler

"Colin they must be recognising all you give to others / and I know nothing about [Taekwondo], just that there are few people in this world who give as unconditionally as you - Congratulations" Soula Kakulas

"Hi Colin! Great to see your videos. You give so much thought and information in thinking outside the box. Thanks so much!" Forrest Littlejohn

"Colin Wee, also of Perth, has generously shared his knowledge of aikido and taekwondo." Bruce D. Clayton, Ph. D Shotokan's Secret Expanded Edition (p5)

"Colin, really appreciate you sharing. I've no doubt this will benefit myself and my students." Vincent Cordeiro

"Thank you, as always, for the wonderful share." Ron Jensen

"Another great video by Master Colin Wee. I'll be using that for my class." Eric San Jose

"I don't think you over share, Colin Wee. You routinely give the group your tkd, which takes courage and time. Your perspectives are extremely valuable even if they don't always fit the standard execution. I wish more would share with us." Dennis Koenig

"The changes came after this I believe that Master Colin [Wee] is doing the pattern in the tradition [sic] way meaning that it taught that way early on. General Choi Hong Hi was constantly creating and changing the pattern. In 1965 there were 20 Hyungs and were taught pretty much this way and many traditionalists still to this day teaches it this way. I learned that way myself I think it's pretty cool in 1972 ..." Jose Laloma

"I found Colin a very knowledgeable and committed Martial Artist always open to new ideas and friendship." SM Peter Wong, 8th Dan, Chief Instructor and Founder, Taekwon-Do Kidokwan Perth

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