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Lethal Martial Art Training is Not Self Defence

Duty of care is part of a martial art instructor's responsibility and obligation! There's so much baggage in the martial arts. Martial art classes are often filled with young children whose parents are enthusiastic for them to acquire a mystical discipline from our practice of Taekwondo. Then there are adult classes who are filled with people coming to learn 'a little self defence' or gain 'some fitness.' Many will have little idea about the realities of violence. Few will understand that that learning 'a little self defence' will only fill them with false sense of confidence. Before he has begun his class, the instructor is already caught between the difficulties of verbalising his way through difficult issues to an enamoured audience who don't really know what they really want from their martial arts training. So let's just train martial arts to the best of our ability then. Train 'traditionally.' And do this with impunity: g

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