Jion Bunkai: Why So Many Upper Blocks?

Why are there so many upper blocks in Jitte, Jion, and Jiin? 

That was the question that was posed to me by Josh. And just one question like that, caused me to dwell on the topic day-in-day-out. Probably further messing around with my presence of mind as I deal with the continuing effects of COVID brain fog. 

Kata Bunkai is an interesting area of study. So many instructors on YouTube offer skills based off a static assumptions, and corresponding stances. In my perspective, application begins with the root word 'apply.' You take your tactics, and based off what you are facing from your opponent, you need to match those tactics to the opponent's initiative, and sort your situation out. 

You can read more about the video above from my YouTube caption, but essentially The upper block sets up a counter from the opponent, and then the rechambering of it strips the guard and opens up the opponent to the back hand strike or destabilisation. 

Do you have a worthy Jion Bunkai for this sequence you want to add? Please share! 

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