JDK's Taekwondo website and blog was started in April 2007. The Traditional Taekwondo Perth blog focuses on Philosophy, Coaching, Taekwondo Applications, and Personal Growth. It was started to complement our regular training at Hollywood Primary School in Nedlands, but has now expanded as a resource for all passionate martial art practitioners. See Welcome to the Traditional Taekwondo Techniques Blog and read more about us at New Here?

This sitemap is provided to support the three pillars of learning at our school

  1. Clear Information: Online learning resources always available to support training
  2. Clear Pedagogy: Techniques explained so you can see the whole system
  3. Clear Personal Value: Lessons are applied for daily living

Traditional Taekwondo in Perth Sitemap

Health and Wellness
Lifelong Fitness - article on nutrition and fitness, and Online Learning Resources

Online Learning Resources
Etiquette Guidelines
Beginners must first read those etiquette guidelines, then visit the Beginner Information page.
Getting Punched in the Nose: Beginner Article and Online Learning Resources for Beginners

Taekwondo One Step Videos and Online Learning Resources for Intermediates

Taekwondo Grading Oral Component and Online Learning Resources for Seniors   
Was Bruce Lee right about Fixed Set Patterns?

Black Belts 
Black Belts Start Young and Dumb: History of Colin Wee and Online Learning Resources
The Art of Living - Martial Arts Applied for Daily Living

Interesting Stuff
Whistlekick Time Capsule Interview on What is Hard Style Training
JDK Method v Hard Style Training
On Teaching Martial Arts

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