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Welcome to JDK's Traditional Taekwondo in Perth Western Australia 

This martial arts blog was started in April 2007 when we were training on the veranda of Hollywood Primary School in Nedlands, Western Australia. It's authored by Colin Wee as a resource available to all hard style martial artists. The aim was to document just one or two techniques as they are practiced within weekly taekwondo classes held in Perth, Western Australia. Many of the posts are written after or soon after each class, and were opportunities to discuss martial art issues that may not have covered sufficiently in class.

We basically took over the Veranda at Hollywood Primary School in Nedlands
without really asking for permission

Colin is associated with the American Karate and Taekwondo Organization based in Dallas, Texas. The training from the SMU Martial Arts Club was tough, effective, and was transmitted by very knowledgeable and skillful black belt instructors (see This Day in History 1991).

Colin started Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo in Perth, Western Australia in 2000. JDK, whilst a small school, has garnered a good amount of attention through the continuous sharing of video training resources, some of which is available on our YouTube channel.

The continued study of Traditional Taekwondo by Joong Do Kwan involves exploration and innovation - reaching both backward in time to Okinawan and Chinese arts, and forward for modern developments in sport science. This is all to curate a system that represents a distinct historical snapshot of Traditional Taekwondo, and to establish its relevancy for the 21st century.

Our methodology aims to shut down an opponent by training for anticipated attacks, by preparing to counter their resistance, and by making them fight our fight. It is not simply that we're just doing everything not allowed under sporting rules - the tactical needs of the practitioner influences our training methodology. This is what sets JDK apart.

Sampling of Posts on Traditional Taekwondo Blog

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Colin Wee
Chief Instructor, JDK
Author, Traditional Taekwondo Perth

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    Come play with us ...

  • Make basic blocks part of an indispensable close quarter toolkit!
  • Breathe life into your line drill.
  • Integrate easy throws into a hard style syllabus.
  • Endow simple kicks with (more) stopping power.
  • Tap into martial philosophy & etiquette to get you into the zone.
  • Taekwondo pattern applications show the form is not there to limit you!
  • We welcome all styles, all ranks, and especially welcome open-minded practitioners.
  • Happy to also ditch training and just hang out.

  • We are located in Perth, Western Australia. But if you can't make it to us ...
    Travel itinerary for our black belts in 2020/1 include but not limited to:
    USA, Melbourne, Singapore, Manila, and Germany. Please inquire.

    To avoid embarrassment, please do not inquire about certification through JDK. Additionally, please do not offer certification as a token of appreciation to any JDK member. 

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