Limb Destruction and Joint Attacks

I would have titled this as 'Wonhyo Limb Destruction,' however I felt that that would be so limiting. The concepts presented here apply all throughout your pattern set and is pertinent for all techniques we do. I would go so far as to say it's a prerequisite skill or underlying tactic that can be applied at any time when the conditions I've outlined in the video are met.

The issue here is that you can't destroy a person's limb if you're taking a technique from said form, and trying to 'do' that 'martial art-y' technique against the opponent's arm. No person wants you to break their arm. Even an untrained person is going to wrench their arm back. Or lock it up. Your opponent is going to pull back, stop the limb from bending, will fight against your moves, or will strike you with the other arm. Why do hard style instructors not understand this? Or why do they not train to circumvent it?

Your 'limb destruction' tactic has got to consider the opponent's reaction, and not only depend on an accelerated limb movement to attack the joint. For lack of a better way of explaining, you slow down, get up close, and then lever your body against the limb. Whenever that limb is stretched across your body, is an opportunity for you to do limb destruction. It's not by you taking that opponent's limb and pulling it straight and trying to hammer the elbow.

It's similar to how you get things done irrespective of the obstacles in the way. Try one thing, if that doesn't work, try another. Keep pushing or pulling, and changing angles and directions until you feel a loosening, and then exploit it.

In this drill I show you don't just do one technique against the limb. As the limb is fairly movable, and the shoulder joint can articulate very well ... you've got to set it up. You've got to trap his arm first. Then through your one technique. Let the opponent react to it. Then apply your finishing move using the entire body.

Of course if you have luck to torque a limb because the opponent has been distracted - well, great for you. But by and large, that mid range initial joint attack will probably not work.

And for those who are asking ... yes, I have indeed totally subluxed an opponent's shoulder. So yes, I know how it feels. And how fast the fight leaves the opponent once that has happened.

Don't damage any furniture folks!

For those who are interested in following up from this video, please see Limb Attack and Control.

Keep well!

And keep training!


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