New York

Schenectady 2024 Seminar at Northeast Taekwondo led by Colin Wee

JDKNY LLC, established in Schenectady NY in 2024, is led by Will Just. 

Will Just has experience in various martial arts and combat sports. He primarily focuses on evolving Taekwondo with the insight gained through the practice and application of Kata.

Will has integrated his art into the world of off-grid living. Will believes that understanding our intention, assessing the self within the present, and mitigating how we use and identify body language, can help us open our senses to the multidimensional landscape of the world. We can then integrate these skills to other aspects of life.

Will believes mental visualization training from the martial arts helps the tactition to deal with duress and stressful situations. Will brings the dojo into the real world by working as a high-angle rescue technician, a wilderness paramedic, wildland firefighter, and has been a leader in disaster relief efforts.

Will holds a 5th Dan under Grandmaster Les Zampino and is a JDK affiliate blackbelt under Master Colin Wee.

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