Do the stances give hints to the application?

This is part of an ongoing conversation I'm having with an external black belt. 

The question was looking at the link stances have in helping with application analysis. 

There are a few 'guidelines' which are used to help in form analysis. I think following those ideas is one way to approach forms applications, but they'd be a limiting approach, in my opinion. 

So when asked about stances, and how they link with understanding applications, my initial response was, no... stances don't hint to application. Stances are forms. Forms need to be applied. And these group of forms teach movement, distancing, and direction. Tactically stances get you in and out, and around your opponent. 

If you were doing a particular something, if your footwork doesn't correspond to a fundamental stance, you could be considered trransitioning between stances, or you've not zoomed enough with your feet. The more you understand distance, gap closing, circling, and balance ... the more you will then be able to acquire what looks like a fundamental stance, whilst flowing to other stances. 

So if you were looking at applying techniques from the form, the stances from that form will let you know if you were working within the right parameters. Just don't get caught up with the one key to try and decipher your legacy system... because the real issue is twofold: 1. the needs of the technician, and 2. the threat from the opponent. The deciphering of the form based on fixed ideas cannnot give you a flexible mindset to deals with changes and the dynamic nature of an encounter.  


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