There is a Wing Block in Taekwondo?

This is one of my more favourite applications from the spearhand & shoulder roll in Taekwondo pattern Dosan. Favourite because I use it all the time in close quarter engagement, and it complements other Traditional Taekwondo blocks that protect the sides of my head and body.

As I talk about this tactic, I also talk about body movement in relation to the opponent. Certainly techniques are not done in isolation - and an understanding how you range against your opponent, and where your body is heading allows you to pick tactics that work better in a fluid and dynamic setting.

Oftentimes people would remark that what I do looks like 'Wing Chun.' Perhaps because I am willing to go into close quarter transactions. Or perhaps I own my 'centreline'? These are all concepts that are important to all martial artists, not just wing chun practitioners. So if you're a karate practitioner or taekwondo exponent, your techniques should allow you to cater for such an engagement.

This is exactly what application requires you to do - and in most cases once you 'apply' a concept, it should only vaguely look like the form. That's my take anyway ... not all instructors may agree. Loads of instructors seem to be obligated to make their applications look *exactly* like the form, it's not wrong, it's just a somewhat limiting approach.

In this video I talk about how I might train the technique at first, but the application of which will be different from what you see in Wing Chun. Just because I don't tend to engage like a Wing Chun practitioner. Meaning I don't square off and rely on in shoulder frame techniques. This is not how we train.

If ever you are in Perth, and would like to talk about these concepts, please contact me.



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