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Taekwondo One Step Sparring Curriculum from American Karate and Taekwondo Organization uses six core one step techniques from the Nam Seo Kwan Taekwondo tradition. AKaTo is based in Dallas, Texas. And yes, I'm affiliated with them because I did live in Dallas once upon a time before coming over to Perth.

Taekwondo one step sparring allows us to learn technique sequencing, footwork, allows us to gain insight into distancing and timing, and desensitizes us whilst we work against an opponent.

In addition, and I think more importantly, one steps allow students to practice bringing two hands up and placed between them and their opponents. It also allows students to strike 'from where their hands are,' and not necessarily start the strike from a hip chambered location.

The best thing with Taekwondo one steps are the endless variations that can be included for beginners, intermediates and advance students. The strikes can be modified away from the traditional lunge punch to include faster jabs, shorter and punchier attacks. Intermediate and advance taekwondo one step sparring can also deal with the follow up punch from the opponent requiring a more pragmatic response to someone throwing several techniques your way. We do this by performing the first part of the basic one step sparring tactic, and add on what is required dependant on the follow on attack.

In the following video, we see GM Keith Yates performing one of the basic one step sparring techniques from our curriculum.

Students practicing their one steps today had to contend with moving their hands much faster than they would on other drills. They also had to constantly modify their technique against opponents of varying heights. And to be effective, they had to ensure their strikes would hang together on the point of impact to juice up their opponent, if necessary.

Here're two one step videos from over the years.

If you liked the above, check out the article Taekwondo One Step videos which overviews more of the training.

It might come as a surprise to see this page used as a preamble for Intermediate Online Learning Resources. There are many key training drills and exercises that seem to be more pragmatic and realistic than one step sparring. In fact much of our time is spent breaking the practitioner away from basic techniques during their first year of training. If that is the case, then why would we continue this practice? This legacy way of training persists because it is a benchmark that frames the skills we need to acquire!

Online Learning Resources for Intermediate Belts

  1. Taekwondo Wonhyo Pattern by East Perth Beach 
  2. Wonhyo Application and Limb Destruction
  3. Taekwondo Side Kick of Won-hyo an overview of the second kicking technique
  4. Blackwater Taekwon-Do Side Kicks by Nate Creevey
  5. Sensitivity and Hard Style Training a level up from One Steps
  6. Limb Destruction and Joint Attacks from Wonhyo
  7. Close Quarter Tactical Boxing Skills from Wonhyo and Joongun
  8. Taekwondo Sparring Discussion between Colin Wee and Joshua Lay
  9. Reaction Hand with a Vengeance from Yulgok
  10. Taekwondo Pattern Joongun by Jutland Parade Foreshore
  11. Upper Block - and its Applications
  12. U Shaped Strike Application and Drill from Joongun
  13. Opening Sequence Application against Wrist Grab from Joongun
  14. Blocking Leg Attacks using Knee Roll

Non-Syllabus Material for Intermediate Belts

External Online Learning Resources for Intermediate Belts

  1. Wonhyo Hyung by Master Eric San Jose
  2. Side Piercing Kick Basics by Dr Sanko Lewis
  3. Scott Adkins Side Kick Tutorial
  4. Progression from Stationary Kicks to Step-over Kicks to Sliding Kicks by Dr Sanko Lewis
  5. Yulgok Hyung by Master Eric San Jose
  6. Joongun Hyung by Master Eric San Jose
  7. Virtual Sparring 4 Rounds by Precision Striking - ideas for sparring
  8. Training with MMA fighters (2020) - with Jean-Claude Van Damme
  9. Scott Adkins Round Kick Tutorial
  10. Scott Adkins Spinning Heel Kick Tutorial
  11. KenFu Archives: Understanding Basic Karate - not bad treatment, though not all blocks need to be 'justified' at all distances. You just need a few tools which help at each range and tactical requirement. 
  12. 12 Elbow Strike form by Master Manuel E. Adrogue
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