The Reaction Hand with a Vengeance

I can punch really hard. I don't need to draw my other hand (The Reaction Hand) to my body for me to hit you. Do I have to explain it again? The reaction hand isn't the primary way for you to generate striking power.

Here's a video I uploaded on how to hit the makiwara or striking post. This is the way to learn how to strike with great power.

The reaction hand or the chambering hand primarily is an artifact of traditional line drill training. You pull your hand back to your side to isolate the weapons hand when you are drilling technique.

You can say that there is the utility of pulling an opponent to you before striking. If it is so, then do like what judo does, and include that in practice. Or you can say you using your elbow to strike someone behind you. Well, if that is the case, do like boxing and actually strike someone.

In this following video I study the reaction hand in terms of close quarter engagement. You are trapping the opponent's arms. You are doing something to control his hand, so how do you do that? How do you impart a control over the opponent's limb when his adrenaline is flowing and he's hyped up ?

Of course the answer is you set him up. You diminish his ability to fight directly against your power. You distract him. You misdirect him.

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