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Breaking Through: The Secrets of Bassai Dai Kata is the new martial arts book written by Colin Wee, a Taekwondo instructor, which has recently been published. In an article featured in Totally Taekwondo Issue 171 May 2023 (see Totally Taekwondo), Wee details his long journey to writing the book, which began before the COVID-19 pandemic but was largely completed during lockdown. Despite the challenges he faced, Wee's dedication and perseverance have paid off with the publication of his book.

Wee's previous attempt at writing a martial arts book, entitled "Fighting Heaven and Earth," was not the book he had intended to write. Although it was a disappointment, it served as a roadmap for Wee and his black belts, leading to the development of the distinct training methodology they use today, known as the JDK Method. This collaboration between Wee and his students is a fundamental part of the JDK training environment.

In the spring of 2019, Wee's school spent a year and a half focused on the practice of one kata: Bassai Dai. Although they are a Taekwondo school, they incorporate legacy classical Karate forms into their syllabus, and they often do a deep dive on specific forms. Bassai Dai seemed like the perfect subject, as a wide range of Okinawan, Japanese, and Korean stylists practice the pattern. Additionally, the irony of a Taekwondo instructor publishing a Karate book as a chapter in the already compelling story of Bassai Dai seemed amusing.

Wee's book, Breaking Through: The Secrets of Bassai Dai Kata, is not your typical martial arts picture book. He initially contemplated illustrating the applications with the help of a manga artist, but the idea quickly fizzled as the cost per hour for an artist was more than he could afford. The book instead contains a wealth of information on the Bassai Dai kata, including historical context, technical breakdowns, and applications.

Book signing for Colin Wee's new martial arts book
Breaking Through: The Secrets of Bassai Dai Kata

The journey to writing the book was not an easy one. Writing the manuscript took about a year, and then came the task of submitting it to the publisher, re-writing, and editing the document. The team also commissioned cover artwork and arranged several photo shoots to gather images for the applications presented. Not to mention the back-and-forth emails with Wee's focus group to gather their feedback on the developing material.

Wee had no knowledge of the publishing process and needed someone else to help him cross the finish line. This is where Master Mike Swope, the publisher of Totally Taekwondo, comes in. Wee and Swope met through The Study of Taekwondo group on Facebook a few years ago, and they have been online buddies ever since. Wee's gratitude for Swope's help and support is evident in his article. The cover artwork from Wee's book was even used as the front cover for Totally Taekwondo's latest issue, which is cause for celebration.

Wee's dedication to martial arts and his willingness to share his knowledge and experience is admirable. His book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the Bassai Dai kata, and it is a testament to the hard work and perseverance required to achieve a goal. We should all take inspiration from Wee's journey and use it to motivate ourselves in our own pursuits.

In conclusion, Colin Wee's Breaking Through: The Secrets of Bassai Dai Kata is a fantastic achievement, and his journey to writing the book is an inspiration. Wee's willingness to share his knowledge and experience is a valuable contribution to the world of martial arts. We should all take the time to appreciate the hard work and dedication required to achieve our goals, and we should be grateful for those who help us along the way. Thanks to Master Mike Swope from Moosul Publishing, and Master Stuart Anslow from Totally Taekwondo. 

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