Taekwondo for Beginners

Taekwondo for Beginners

Our system is a hard-style linear based martial art.

'Hard' doesn't connotate difficult. It's a distinction which refers to linear acceleration, striking techniques, and pragmatic combos to blitz your opponent.

While popularly known as a kicking style, Traditional Taekwondo uses an equal proportion of hand and foot striking techniques. We also feature a wide variety of trapping, locking, throwing, and takedown techniques to ensure practitioners have a well rounded toolset.

Discussion with Shihan Steve Andy on transmission of knowledge through YouTube

Martial Arts is not magic. All of our training and skills are designed to be realistic, self-correcting, and help make you the best that you can be. There's no 'mumbo jumbo'. No unexplained chi or mystical energy generation. We rely on pure physics, and everything is explainable.

What if I have trained in another martial art?

If you are already studying martial arts or have previously studied a martial art, you might be wondering if we know what we are doing. Or would an encounter with us be positive? Or would JDK welcome you, if at all?

Our challenge is always to learn and grow from each other. This school has a good depth of content, an expanding insight into the essence of hard style martial training, and an open mindset. We have always cultivated strong ties with other martial arts schools, and are proud of the community we have helped to build.

We welcome your visit, and are happy to share all of our insight without reservation and without ego. Most martial artists are wary of ego maniacs in the industry and avoid 'McDojos'. We assure you we’re here to enjoy each other's company, and are a very open and welcoming practice.

Come dressed in exercise gear or if you have one, your own martial arts uniform and your highest ranked belt. Yes, if you've learned another martial arts, we respect the belt and the effort you've already invested. We will honour your previous school as best as we can.

Remember to hydrate yourself before class and don't eat an overly large meal.

Equipment for Taekwondo Beginners

A recent beginner walked into my school wearing a V-neck WTF type Taekwondo dobok - something a little different from the foldover white uniform we typically use for beginners, prompting me to start this page so beginners could look through what they needed to get without fear of purchasing the wrong equipment!

If you're new to martial arts, you can get your supplies from Sunil at Ray Hanas located Newcastle Street in West Perth, or you can go to Giri Martial Arts Supplies https://www.giri.com.au/

10 oz Super Middleweight Brushed Cotton Uniform

It's the white one you want in the above picture. Don't show up in the class with a red, blue or black uniform. And don't show up with a V-neck WTF uniform. Otherwise, if you are beginning Taekwondo with us, and you're at a martial art store, you should ask for a 'Traditional White Fold Over Karate' uniform. Yes, you heard me - a Karate uniform. Try not to get a really cheap, super thin uniform. They'll wear out and tear, and you'll have to purchase a medium weight one 6-9 months hence.

Brain Pad Pro Plus Mouthguard
Beginners need not really get a mouthguard until you get to yellow belt and when you start sparring. But given that you're shelling out money, this isn't a huge spend anyway. Might as well get it just in case.

Athletic Cup

A groin protector is one of the first things many of our beginners are encouraged to purchase in our club.

The supporter holds the athletic cup in place. Without the supporter (or without a supporter that fits), any strike to the groin area becomes much worse.

Female Groin Guard
Similar to a groin protector for males, but designed for females.

Martial Art Hand Pad
We prefer these thin Karate cotton pads for sparring because they promote control of strikes, and they allow more feedback from my opponent. Beginners will need to use this type of sparring equipment sometime around yellow or orange belt.

Adidas Shin and Removable Instep Pads
You can of course do away with the shin pads, but the feet pads really help reduce injuries when you start to spar at around yellow or orange belt.

The Complete Book of Tae Kwon Do Forms
This is the one book that I have kept by my bedside for absolute years, and is the one reference material I use to guide my training. Beginners should use it to help them learn forms and techniques, and as a complement to their training journal.

Resources for your First Lessons

Reading for Beginners

This is a must read for all beginners to Joong Do Kwan. Learning a different set of rules of conduct helps begin your journey in the arts, and allows you to play in an environment that requires physical contact. 

Questions for Beginners

  1. What year was Taekwondo founded?
  2. What does Taekwondo mean?
  3. What does Joong Do Kwan mean?
  4. What are the Tenets of Taekwondo?
  5. What was the name of the Founder of Taekwondo?

Training and Membership Affiliation Fees 

Please enjoy your first month of training free.

Please inquire regarding monthly or quarterly fees.

We require all members to pay an annual affiliation fee to American Karate and Taekwondo Organization. We will inform you when the time comes, provide you the foreign exchange calculation from US to Aussie dollars and will coordinate your payment as a group.
JDK will never ask you to sign a contract. And you can choose to stop training whenever you like. 

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