Joong Do Kwan 2015

Joong Do Kwan 2015
Joong Do Kwan School of the Middle Way


Taekwondo Perth Beginners Class

If you are in Perth and are interested in learning something different, come try out a few of our beginner classes for FREE.

Our system is a hard-style linear based martial art. While popularly known as a kicking style, Traditional Taekwondo uses an equal proportion of hand and foot striking techniques. Learn to generate phenomenal power. Protect yourself by guarding with your hands. Strike with total body commitment. Come dressed in exercise gear or dig out your old martial arts uniform or come in whatever uniform you work out in. If you learn another martial arts, keep your highest rank on too. We don't mind.

Remember to hydrate yourself before class and don't eat an overly large dinner. Leave the curry for some other time. Please check in at our FaceBook page under the event You are Welcomed to a Beginner's Class in Taekwondo to keep track of this event.

Essential Taekwondo Equipment for Beginners
A recent beginner walked into my school wearing a V-neck WTF type Taekwondo dobok - something a little different from the foldover white uniform we typically use for beginners, prompting me to start this page so beginners could look through what they needed to get without fear of purchasing the wrong equipment!

If you're new to martial arts, you can get your supplies from Sunil at Ray Hanas located Newcastle Street in West Perth. Make sure to tell him you heard of him through this site. 

10 oz Super Middleweight Brushed Cotton Uniform - $84.99

Retail Price: $94.99 You Save: $10.00
It's the white one you want in the above picture. Don't show up in the class with a red, blue or black uniform. And don't show up with a V-neck WTF uniform. Otherwise, if you are beginning Taekwondo with us, and you're at a martial art store, you should ask for a 'Traditional White Fold Over Karate' uniform. Yes, you heard me - a Karate uniform. Try not to get a really cheap, super thin uniform. They'll wear out and tear, and you'll have to purchase a medium weight one 6-9 months hence.

Brain Pad Pro Plus Mouthguard - $24.99
Retail Price: $34.99 You Save: $10.00
Beginners need not really get a mouthguard until you get to yellow belt and when you start sparring. But given that you're shelling out money, this isn't a huge spend anyway. Might as well get it just in case.

Athletic Cup - $6.99

Retail Price: $16.99 You Save: $10.00
This is one of the first things many of our beginners are simply compelled to purchase in our club. Why? Because if you don't wear one, we'll come really close to making you sweat. And please ... enough jokes about needing an extra large cup. We've heard it all before.

Supporter - $6.99
Retail Price: $16.99 You Save: $10.00
The supporter holds the athletic cup in place. Without the supporter (or without a supporter that fits), any strike to that area becomes much worse.

Female Groin Guard - $21.99
Retail Price: $31.99 You Save: $10.00

I can't talk from experience, but the logic works out something like this: since any strike to any part of the body will sting somewhat, irrespective of where you might locate those buttons on your body, it might help if there were something covering those areas. And to answer your question, yes, female students undergo the exact same cruelty training that men enjoy in the club.

Martial Art Hand Pad - $18.99
Retail Price: $28.99 You Save: $10.00
I prefer to use these flimsy looking Karate cotton pads for sparring because they force me to control my strikes more, and they allow me to get more feedback from my opponent. Beginners will need to use this type of sparring equipment sometime around yellow or orange belt.

Adidas Shin and Removable Instep Pads - $44.99
Retail Price: $54.99 You Save: $10.00
You can of course do away with the shin pads, but the feet pads really help reduce injuries when you start to spar at around yellow or orange belt.

The Complete Book of Tae Kwon Do Forms - $25.00
Retail Price: $35.00 You Save: $10.00
This is the one book that I have kept by my bedside for absolute years, and is the one reference material I use to guide my training. Beginners should use it to help them learn forms and techniques, and as a complement to their training journal.

Reading for Beginners
Taekwondo Beginners - How to Address Your Instructor Avoiding the informal 'Hey'
Titles are great for certificates and credentials but in conversation should not really be used to reference someone, unless in a very formal circumstance. Colin Wee (currently ranked 6th dan) holds the title 'Shihan' - a high ranking title awarded for a service, knowledge, or achievement for school, style or association. Shihan is a Japanese-style title referring to a Master Teacher who has achieved a profound level of understanding and practice within the martial arts and is only ever awarded to holders of Godan (5th Dan) or higher. Back in the United States, instructors (and brown belt students) would be referred to as 'Mr. So-and-so,' while other kyu or coloured belt students (korean 'Gup') would be referred to by first name. Occasionally, Japanophiles will refer to Colin interchangeably as 'Master Wee' or 'Colin Sensei.' To be precise, you should only refer to anyone over 3rd dan as 'Sensei' (korean 'Sah Bum Nim') and anyone over 5th dan as 'Master.' However, Taekwondo beginners may apply the Sensei (or 'Sah Bum Nim') honorific to all black belts without being totally off track. Such titles should be applied to the end of your instructor's name if you end up speaking some Asian language, for instance, "黄老师教我跆拳道." But given we're in an English-speaking world, this instructor could care less if you put the Shihan or Sensei or Chung Sah Nim (in Korean that's Chief Instructor) or Sah Bum Nim in front or at the back of his name. In fact, on most days please just dispense with all of that and call him 'Colin,' perhaps referring to him as Mr. Wee if a visiting black belt were to visit the school. Take your cue on how to greet or what to call external black belts from the visitor himself, or from your instructor. Read more:

Affiliations and Fees to Joong Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do Perth

Since expanding recently and hiring hall premises at Subiaco, we are now collecting membership fees of $40 from beginners and members which will go towards rental expenses and incorporation. This membership fee is not the cost of your training, but goes to the expenses we have to bear to hire the hall. We also will require all members to pay a once off annual affiliation fee to American Karate and Taekwondo Organization. A-KaTo was the organisation Colin Wee trained with, and in many respects, all the things you are learning in our school comes directly from their generosity of spirit, and their support of our school through the years. While some credibility accrues from our formalising our relationship with them, the true relationship is one of mutual support and a recognition of the compelling story that comes to us through our lineage. Scroll down the front A-KaTo page and click on the application form at the bottom. Please do the foreign exchange calculation from US to Aussie dollars and coordinate your payment through our school.

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