Joong Do Kwan, Perth, Western Australia 2015
Q.What's the closest [fill-in-the-style] martial art school in Perth I can bring my child to?
Hey, this year is my 37th year studying the martial arts. Shouldn't you be asking *who* is the best martial art teacher you'd recommend for your kid? Or how you should decide what would suit your child or family the best? I do have some expertise, if not a decent opinion who in Perth absolutely rocks it as amazing mentors in the martial art

Q. What's so good about JDK?
Traditional Taekwondo prepares you for real and expected threats. We teach you how to circumvent the opponent's resistance. And we understand how difficult that is to do under duress.

Q. What can you expect as a student of JDK?
All training you do is complemented by online resource which is freely and *always* available. Techniques are explained and pedagogy overviewed so you know where you're headed within the system. And .... our lessons are 'applied' so you can bring your practice into the real world. Make yourself a more resilient and change-resistant person to combat the 21st century!

Q. How do you see Joong Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do differing from modern Taekwondo schools?
A combative sport is great for the family and the nurturing of children. The structured learning, competition based environment, and reward system form an excellent and accessible activity for your child's growth. We are not competition based. Our journey is an inner one. And we welcome you to reflect on this together with us.

Q. How do you see Joong Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do differing from Japanese Karate?
Anytime you have an over-institutionalised training methodology, there are huge benefits of allowing for greater self exploration of natural movement. While we somewhat follow Karate's Kihon-Kata-Kumite training for some of our training, two drawbacks of Karate have always been its line drills and the prescribed (read 'overly contrived') official pattern analysis.

Q. Why do you do persist with 'traditional' training?
A real traditional system is actually one way to create a progressive, pragmatic, and goal-oriented mindset. Think about this - no pioneering martial art personality in history seeks to be dated or bound by limitations.

The word 'Tradition' sometimes connotates a stasis or a preservation or an unchanging of our system. This is not what we are. We celebrate the lineage by preserving the patterns - performing them as we have received them. We make that a 'living' system by applying it to our ever changing needs.

Q. Many Taekwondo schools claim to be 'Traditional.'
Wikipedia states the "umbrella term Traditional Taekwondo typically refers to the martial arts practiced by the kwans during the 1940s and 1950s." Is this true of their lineage? Or does the school prioritize an "evolved" syllabus, with "scientific" principles, an encyclopedia written in 1983, and constant talk of political schisms? That just sounds mutually exclusive to each other, don't you think?

Q. Am I too old or unfit to get started?
Whatever you think you are, you probably are. Next question.

Q. How often should I train?
How good do you want to get? How fit do you want to be? Or how much well-being do you want to have?

Q. Is training difficult?
Anyone promising you value without effort required? If it's too good to be true ...

Q. How difficult are gradings?
Students should not always expect to pass. And if you are a parent, take note - failure is a learning opportunity. We are not here to sell belts. If you think we are obligated to pass you or your child - DO NOT COME TO US.

Q. What do you think of cross training?
With other martial art styles, other instructors, and other schools? We highly recommend you explore such opportunities!

Q. Do you offer online remote learning opportunities through video conferencing?
We offer online distance-based learning opportunities for members of JDK. Please see Resources for more information.

Q. If I train every day, will you guarantee me a black belt in 24 months or under?
Anyone who guarantees you a black belt in that time - or within any timeframe - is bullshitting you. Nothing good is ever easy.

Q. Another martial art school is saying my child will receive a black belt in that time. 
When or if you ever get a clue, come say hi. If you are accepted at our school, you can even re-use that old uniform. It should serve to remind you of your experience.

Q. I have a problem with money.
First come and train. Don't worry about the money. Happy to discuss your financial issues sensitively.

Q. Will I be locked into a contract?
Never. Come if you're keen. Leave when you're done. There is never an obligation to stay.

Q. Can I get a refund?
Depends on why you're asking. But if it's legitimate, and after fixed expenses are covered, you can probably have whatever prorated portion of your fees returned. And if it's our fault, you can have that plus an apology.

Q. Where are you located?
Joong Do Kwan has been practicing Taekwondo in Perth, Western Australia since 2000. We are now located at John Leckie Pavilion, College Park, Nedlands. Map to our facilities as indicated below.


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    Come play with us ...

  • Make basic blocks part of an indispensable close quarter toolkit!
  • Breathe life into your line drill.
  • Integrate easy throws into a hard style syllabus.
  • Endow simple kicks with (more) stopping power.
  • Tap into martial philosophy & etiquette to get you into the zone.
  • Taekwondo pattern applications show the form is not there to limit you!
  • We welcome all styles, all ranks, and especially welcome open-minded practitioners.
  • Happy to also ditch training and just hang out.

  • We are located in Perth, Western Australia. But if you can't make it to us ...
    Travel itinerary for our black belts in 2020/1 include but not limited to:
    USA, Melbourne, Singapore, Manila, and Germany. Please inquire.

    To avoid embarrassment, please do not inquire about certification through JDK. Additionally, please do not offer certification as a token of appreciation to any JDK member. 


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