Western Australia

JDK HQ is based in Perth, Western Australia

Joong Do Kwan was established here in 2000.

In 2003, Joong Do Kwan and Colin Wee embarked on intensive research to explore its system of Traditional Taekwondo and the collection of Taekwondo Hyung that forms its legacy.

2017 Christmas Party 'Festivus Feats of Strength' 

The work we have done from studies of our Taekwondo lineage has allowed us to reflect on how Taekwondo fits in the grand scheme of the martial arts world, travel deeper into the lessons we've been gifted, and make its '精神' (Jīngshén) or 'essence' accessible to one and all.

Our journey has also allowed us to enjoy the community of martial arts instructors here in Western Australia, and to share a good breadth of our social and online activities amongst a larger international group of martial artists across the world.

JDK HQ Principal is Joshua Lay, and can be contacted through FaceBook.


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