Traditional Taekwondo in Perth, Western Australia Sitemap

Traditional Taekwondo Perth, Western Australia Sitemap

This Taekwondo blog was started in April 2007. The original aim of this blog, then called 'Traditional Taekwondo Techniques,' was to document one or two techniques practised within our weekly classes held in Perth, Western Australia. At present, we've taken a new direction with this blog - in line with the launching of our new YouTube Channel. The Traditional Taekwondo Perth blog focuses on Philosophy, Coaching, Taekwondo Applications, and Personal Growth. If you'd like, catch new articles on Monday and Tuesday of each week.

Taekwondo Pattern and Taekwondo Applications

Traditional Taekwondo Techniques Workshop blog focuses on the techniques and tactics found in Taekwondo's Chang Hon pattern set. The following are posts which contain general links to all related posts pertaining to the individual Taekwondo patterns.
Colin talks about the Taekwondo Syllabus
Taekwondo Pattern Chon-ji Hyung List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Dan-gun Hyung List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Do-san List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Won-hyo List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Yul-guk List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Toi-gye List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Choong-gun List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Hwa-rang List of Posts
Kata Tekki/Chulgi List of Posts and Getting Punched in the Nose

Important Stuff

Interesting Stuff

Children and Teens in the Martial Arts
Toi-gye Mountain or 'W' Blocks
The First Part of the Word Bunkai is 'Bunk'

Selection of Videos

JDK's Favourite Traditional and Obsolete Kick
Avoiding a Kick to the Gut Using Tactical Body Movement from Hwarang
Why Karate Training is Not Good
Dosan Spearhand Counter Against Counter

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