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The Modernity of Yesterday is the Tradition of Today

The modernity of yesterday is the tradition of today, and the modernity of today will be the tradition tomorrow.
Jose Andres We do Traditional Taekwondo. I use that word 'Tradition' so often yet few pull me up on what tradition means to a garage dojang operating in Perth Western Australia.

Go through the About page or my bio on this site and you see our lineage was transported out of Korea in the mid 20th century to the US. With that comes the contextual practice some of which harks back to Japan, and thus Okinawa, and parts of it holds the hopes for a new post-War Korea.

Our practice seeks to celebrate and promote that lineage through the way we practice our hyung. In fact, the very choice of what hyung demarcates our historical context.

However, as that quote goes - the modernity of yesterday is our tradition of today. The key phrase is 'modernity' - and the essence of that is that of being contemporary, of being relevant, and of addressing issues that are clear and …

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