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Lethal Martial Art Training is Not Self Defence

There's so much baggage in the martial arts.

In Self-Control, Aggression, and Deescalation of Violence I discuss how the moral high ground of self-control can be self-defeating; 'defanging' the snake of your martial arts. In Etiquette, The Tenets, and the 道 of Taekwondo, I discuss how self-control allows a student to better access the combative nature of our training.

It is a difficult subject in this day and age. Many martial art classes are filled with young children whose parents are enthusiastic for them to acquire this mystical discipline from our practice of Taekwondo. These are people who have no idea about the realities of violence nor the idea that learning 'a little self defence' may fill their child with a false sense of confidence.

Before he has begun his class, the instructor is already caught between the difficulties of verbalising his way through difficult issues to an enamoured audience who don't really know what they really want from their mart…

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