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Traditional Taekwondo in Perth, Western Australia

Joong Do Kwan - 중도관 [中道館- means 'the school of the middle way' and was established in Perth, Western Australia in early 2000. It is the point between predecessors of our art and modern Korean innovations from the mid 1950s and beyond. The name of our school is a nod towards 'Chung Do Kwan' the first of the original Korean kwans. It is 'Traditional Taekwondo' simply to distinguish it from the evolution that occurred in the mid 60s factioning Taekwondo into the ITF and WTF (now known as World Taekwondo). JDK is part of a lineage brought out of Korean by GM Jhoon Rhee and continued today by GM Keith Yates and his Nam Seo Kwan Tae Kwon Do practice. Together, we safeguard the Chang Hon Taekwondo Hyung.

Colin Wee poses with GM Keith Yates, head of American Karate and Taekwondo Organization, after training at Sensei Mike Proctor's Renbudo Dojo in Dallas, Texas. Colin Wee was trained primarily by AKATO instructors, and seeks to promote and preserve the lineage of Taekwondo as handed through AKATO by GM Jhoon Rhee.

GM Keith Yates was trained by GM Allen Steen in a Chung Do Kwan environment comprising early Shotokan Karate Kata. This training environment was then converted to using Chang Hon Taekwondo Patterns in 1967 under the behest of General Choi Hong Hi. Taekwondo Hyung from Chonji to Gaebaek tracked students from white to 3rd degree black belt, and Chung Do Kwan's Bassai, Chulgi (Tekki), and Sipsoo (Jitte) were retained solely for black belt training.

A Traditional Taekwondo application considers the stress of an encounter and how the opponent will respond to you. It's not just gifting some functionality to a series of techniques.

In the early 2000s, Joong Do Kwan, embarked on intensive research to explore its system of Traditional Taekwondo and the collection of Taekwondo Hyung that forms its legacy. Hyung (written as 型) is a character made of radicals for 'opening' and 'earth', together symbolising an opening in the earth or a 'mold' which is used to form the practitioner.

Colin Wee, Sensei Bryan Robbins of SMU Martial Arts Club, and Erica Bollon relax after an intense yoga class. Mr Robbins is GM Keith Yates' student, and is Colin's Taekwondo instructor. Mr Robbins was also instrumental in the sharing of Aikido and Aikijujutsu principles. Erica Bollon is a personal friend of Colin's and also an instructor of Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu.

Irrespective of our training facilities - we have operated from a 'garage dojang' in Perth for close to a decade - the search for the meaning of Hyung has been our quest for the Holy Grail. Our journey has been arduous and has included networking with notable martial art authorities, the deconstruction and the continual rebuilding of our syllabus, the use of traditional training tools, massive innovation in training methodology, and the sharing of our knowledge with a great many Taekwondo instructors. And as a result, we believe our efforts have resulted in the most contemporary representation of Traditional Taekwondo you'll find anywhere in the world.

Joong Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do Inc. and Colin Wee are proudly affiliated with American Karate and Taekwondo OrgnizationInternational Alliance of Martial Arts SchoolsMolum Combat Arts AssociationThe Study of Taekwondo 태권도의 공부 FaceBook Group, and Taekwondo Kidokwan Perth.

Beginners and anyone who wishes to join or train with Joong Do Kwan must read Etiquette guidelines and What is a Dojang, and should visit the Beginner Information page.

Traditional Taekwondo Techniques blog

This martial arts blog was started in April 2007. The original aim of this blog, then called 'Traditional Taekwondo Techniques,' was to document one or two techniques practised within our weekly classes held in Perth, Western Australia. As such, many posts have been written after or soon after each class, and were used as an opportunity to highlight issues that could not have been better covered due to time constraints within the class. One of my primary aims was to make Traditional Taekwondo 'accessible' to other practitioners and whoever else may be interested.

Sensei Mike Proctor 10th Dan, is the Karate Director for AKATO and Dojocho of Renbudo Dojo. Mr Proctor is Colin's Karate instructor. Photo taken 2006.

The old posts still available on this blog are of varying quality. While I try to return to them from time to time, it takes a huge amount of effort to edit through all of them. Let's just allow those early posts to be used as a reference point for discussion and sharing - so please be kind, many of the posts are written quickly and were not intended as a complete study.

At present, we've taken a new direction with this blog - in line with the launching of our new JDK YouTube Channel. The Traditional Taekwondo Perth blog focuses on Philosophy, Coaching, Taekwondo Applications, and Personal Growth.

Aside from weekly blog posts, this site has hosted the Anti-bully Blogging Carnival on behalf of several international martial art bloggers and authors, and features an Australasian Taekwondo Magazine interview July 2008 'Man of Tradition' where Colin talks about his journey into Traditional Taekwondo. Colin has also written for Totally Taekwondo featuring Choi: The Beginning, a historical fiction series on the beginnings of Taekwondo, amongst other articles.

Come visit us at John Leckie Pavilion, College Park, Nedlands.

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