Joong Do Kwan HQ is "a most progressive" Traditional Taekwondo school situated in Nedlands, Perth, Western Australia since 2000. 

JDK is an American martial art system. Our lineage was brought out of Korea by GM Jhoon Rhee in the mid 1950s, installed into Southwestern USA since, and is led by GM Keith Yates' American Karate and Taekwondo Organization.

JDK trains by applying traditional techniques against unknown but predictable attacks, assuming resistance and possible failure, and then applying counters from our library of fundamental skills. Our applications are tactical, and seek to work under duress.

Training in Joong Do Kwan Taekwondo is designed for the individual's growth. We set you on a challenging but nurturing journey, promote lifelong fitness, and introduce you to a rich heritage that cultivates your mind-body-spirit.

What is 'Hard Style' Martial Arts Training?

Our training and techniques are 'hard style' meaning they depend on linear acceleration, and the blitz of tactical skills against an opponent. This is a highly efficient form of combat started in the 18th century, and often replicated by modern systems. The likes of Krav Maga, training in combatives, and other 'RBSD' reality-based offerings use the exact same principles; repackaged for market penetration.

Our training pedagogy also attempts to prepare practitioners to circumvent a non-compliant opponent. When your original attack is obstructed, we go to Plan B. Or we go to Plan C. Or Plan D. Having a flexible approach to attrition allows you to seek tactical advantage.

Three Pillars of Learning

Our three pillars of Learning establish an improved learning environment for the student, and correspondingly all the families connection to our school. The three pillars are:

  1. Online Learning Resources are always available to support training.
  2. Pedagogy of techniques are always explained so you can see how they develop within the entire system
  3. We Elevate Your Martial Art Lessons into the Art of Living so you take the physical analogies with you throughout your life.

    To set yourself up for Online Collaborative Learning see Resources

The Emphasis on Lifelong Fitness

Mind-Body-Spirit, folks. 

This is age old wisdom beyond any marketing hype or fitness trend!

Before and After starting Martial Arts training
This is Life Long Fitness. And it is achievable and sustainable.

The truth is you can't get good in one aspect without looking after the other two. Fitness and more importantly wellness needs to be achievable. And they need to be sustainable. You can acquire this from a traditional martial art program because our expectations are realistic and holistic! If you are interested in understanding more of this, get over to our Lifelong Fitness page.

Last Words

What we all practice is Mudo. Mudo is the seeking of perfection through the practice of warrior arts. This is not a health fad or fitness trend. It has been proven through the centuries, and we continue it through Joong Do Kwan. Mudo is a journey to assess our own personal strengths and weaknesses. At JDK, we approach mudo through the exploring of Traditional Taekwondo.

Who are our Instructors

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