Joong Do Kwan HQ is a small boutique school situated in Perth, Western Australia since 2000.

Joong Do Kwan means school of the middle way. We draw inspiration from both historical precursors, and modern innovations in the martial arts.

Training in Joong Do Kwan Taekwondo is designed for the individual's growth. We create opportunities to learn, set you on a nurturing journey, learn the application of fundamentals, and introduce you to a rich heritage that cultivates your mind-body-spirit.

We are proud to be well-connected within the international martial arts community. Reaching out to like-minded instructors allows us to share our own insight, learn from other experienced veterans, support the preservation of traditional martial arts, and promote its benefits amongst our various local communities. 

What we all practice is Mudo. Mudo is the seeking of perfection through the practice of warrior arts. Mudo is a journey which allows us to assess our own personal strengths and weaknesses. At JDK, we approach mudo through exploring Traditional Taekwondo.

I invite you to come and explore mudo with us.

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