Joong Do Kwan 중도관 [中道館] Tae Kwon Do or 'School of the Middle Way' is based in Perth, Western Australia. We are a small group of martial art practitioners and students who practice Traditional Taekwondo. Our lineage of Taekwondo was exported out of Korea in the mid 1950s and continues to enjoy its proximity to its Karate cousins. Joong Do Kwan uses the Chang Hon set of Taekwondo patterns as our main syllabus. Currently, Joong Do Kwan is headed by Colin Wee (6th Dan). The Traditional Taekwondo Techniques Blog has been a resource he started to help discuss techniques as they occurred in class.


Welcome to the Traditional Taekwondo Techniques blog

Started in April 2007, the aim of the Traditional Taekwondo Techniques Blog was to document just one or two techniques as they were practiced within our weekly classes held in Perth, Western Australia. As such many posts have been written after or soon after each class, and were used as an opportunity to highlight issues that could not have been better covered due to time constraints within the class.

The Traditional Taekwondo Techniques Blog has since amassed a respectable amount of information on Taekwondo Techniques and other related martial arts content, and attracts a significant amount of online traffic worldwide. Such was one of my primary aims, to make Traditional Taekwondo 'accessible' to other practitioners and whoever else may be interested. The posts are there to be used as a reference point for discussion and sharing - so please be kind, many of the posts are written quickly and are not intended to present a complete study.

For those who are incapable of 'being kind,' let me be the first to recognise the weaknesses of both traditional and modern Taekwondo. That said, let's move on and make the world a better place, shall we?

In addition to those initial weekly blog posts, the blog has hosted the Anti-bully Blogging Carnival on behalf of several international martial art bloggers and authors, and features an Australasian Taekwondo Magazine interview July 2008 'Man of Tradition' where Colin talks about his journey into Traditional Taekwondo. Colin has also written for Totally Taekwondo featuring Choi: The Beginning, a historical fiction series on the beginnings of Taekwondo.

Through the year, to complement regular martial arts training, Colin organises workshops and seminars and invites cross-training with other stylists (see Smash with Your Foot).

Joong Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do Inc. and Colin Wee are proudly affiliated with American Karate and Taekwondo Orgnization, International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools, Molum Combat Arts Association, and Society of Martial Arts.

What people are saying about Traditional Taekwondo Techniques
"Spent last night training with an extraordinary Instructor ; Colin Wee , at Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo . This unique form of TKD is a Street Wise more Combat efficient form ; and is considerably different from its Sports Based Cousins . As is normal for any TKD class ; they had considerable fitness and speed ; however I was very impressed by their application of some very old techniques ; and the modern ways they apply them , with considerable power generated with " Full Body Punching" . I was thoroughly impressed by this method and its Modern Application . Thank you so much for inviting me down to join you ."  Andrew Hickey Inner Circle Combatives
 "Great post. Makiwara has long been critical to Okinawan Karate development." Ikigai
"I was preparing another side kick post, when I happened on Colin Wee's excellent, Won-hyo: The Taekwondo Side Kick, ..." TDA Training 
"Your's continues to be one of the best Taekwon-Do blogs out there!" Soo Shim Kwan
"Right on Colin! I enjoy reading your posts on traditional tae kwon do. As a traditional tkdist for 23 years now, I understand a lot about what you write, so I have finally decided to contact you." Joe Sayles, Jr. 
"Great close-quarter drill Colin!" Dan Djurdjevic
"This is just the sort of information I've been looking for. It makes so much of what we learn in class applicable in sparring situations." Be a Fun Mum
"Many of the "old applications" only work if pre-arranged with a complient partner. Things like you describe above make much more sense." Charlie
"Good points. For too long traditional martial arts have ignored the psychological aspects of pre-fight build up; or indeed how to avoid a fight if possible at this stage. It is good to see that more and more people are talking about this side of self defence." Bunkai Jutsu
 "This is great. Bullying is bad news and lifes can be ruined by it. I am proud of you for taking this great interest and passing on the message." Tim White 
"I was asked to contribute to an Anti-Bullying Blogging Carnival' by the renowned martial artist and fellow traditional taekwondo blogger Colin Wee ... I think this is such a good thing to do and that helping people face their bullies or on the other hand help people [avoid] becoming bullies." Ørjan Nilsen  
"This is Colin Wee`s blog on old style Chang Hon Taekwondo. Very diverse writings, and always interesting:) You will find everything from aplications, techniques, training tips, history and other intersting Things here:) This is the blog I have followed faithfully for many years and is an inspiration for my own blog." Ørjan Nilsen (Ørjan seems to be my latest fan ... and I his!)
"Just wanted to mention that it was a comment you made somewhere about the need for some "sine wave motion" practitioner to take up the pen, that started me writing more seriously about the topic. You in effect inspired me to write more specifically about ITF Taekwon-Do (misunderstandings) and so the success of the Soo Shim Kwan-blog is in part your doing." Soo Shim Kwan
"More! More!" supergroup7

Joong Do Kwan Chief Instructor Colin Wee

Now for myself. While I try to let my art talk for itself, it is true that I function as the lens in which my Traditional Taekwondo unfolds. 

Colin Wee leading a session for World Organizer of Martial Art Instructors 2012

I have been practicing some form of martial arts since the early 80s - I got my first black belt in an eclectic Chinese/Korean system when I was 17yo in 1987. When I moved to the United States in 1991, I was blessed to join a very good club, and there I started working on both Traditional Taekwondo and Aikido. In those days in fact, I didn't even know it as Taekwondo. It looked like Karate, mostly it was called American Karate, and we didn't ask too many questions about history and lineage.

I am in fact surprised I have come this far. It's been many years since I was that fat and unfit kid enamoured by Bruce Lee's Kato in the Green Hornet. Thirty years on, I have traveled a little farther than that young dumb 17yo black belt I once was. My path is to now continually resolve both the traditional and the progressive sides of Taekwondo for my own kwan.

The work I have done in the last decade has got me thinking of myself as a museum curator - looking at the story of how Taekwondo started, where is Traditional Taekwondo going, trying to understand its lessons and promoting it to one and all. It has been a rewarding this experience thus far and I urge one and all to think about preserving and sharing your own compelling story.

In 2011, I decided that the 'gendai budo' name we've used for my school has gone past its use by date. I would have liked to continue my practice of aiki under that banner but it was time to choose a Korean name to reflect our long-standing ideals, a respect for our lineage and the amount of work I've done over the last decade. My school's name, as you can see adorning the top of this blog is Joong Do Kwan - 중도관 [中道館. It is a nod towards 'Chung Do Kwan' the first of the original kwans, and it means 'the school of the middle way.' Joong is the point between predecessors of our art and modern Korean innovations from the mid 1940s and beyond.

I am proud to be leading a kwan consisting of a small group of adult students. It is rewarding to see them learning skills, improving bit-by-bit, and enjoying what we do. As a teacher, it gives me great pleasure to gift what all I have learned to inspire others to be better than me.

If you are ever in Perth and, like us, are walking the middle path, please stop by for a visit.

Colin is available for workshops or seminars in your region. Please inquire about his travel schedule and availability.

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