I just want to put this out there - modern self defence training is sold on the premise that it gives a confidence few other institutions are capable of teaching.

Yet, when you show up, such schools more often than not are conducting PE classes in the guise of self defence training. You get dressed up in martial arts uniforms. You exercise. You learn intricate patterns. And you attempt to force your body to do things to progress up belt ranks.

These schools have lost the idea of what martial arts is, and how martial arts are more relevant now in the 21st century than ever before.

How is an 18th century system of value, you say?

In a world where you have literally everything delivered to you immediately. Your news. Your entertainment. Your food. Your shopping. Your work messages. Your social media likes. This is the exact world which has failed to deliver a mind-body-spirit connection. A connection which is borne out of confidence, strength, and balance.

Some of this is indeed linked to the hand-to-hand fighting system. On one hand you can think of this as a way of learning physical combative skills. On the other, these physical techniques provide a depth of analogy for almost all interpersonal communication and relationships. Having problems at work with a difficult colleague? How did the sharing you learned in school help you deal with such an individual. A client trying to take advantage of you? How did the teamwork you learned in school help you manage such behaviour? A superior at work bullying you? How did your school show you how well they stop bullying?

Our martial system has a superior approach to mental training. We want our practitioners to be able to get in the zone quickly and access key skills under huge duress. Which co-curricular activity can boast the same? In our system, you access mental tools to switch your skills on fast. The same mental skills that have been proven in combat over three centuries, if not longer. Getting into the zone clears extraneous thought, reduces fear, eliminates indecision, and allows you to function in a combative state that most civilians would never experience.

If you find yourself mindlessly swiping through apps, searching for meaning in your life. If you think you have an emptiness in your soul, like you were destined to do something better. And if you think there has to be something out there that is more real and could ground you. You are not far from it.

We're not going to make stuff up and say that it's going to be easy. We're not saying it's going to be accomplished fast. But we can say this has been working for many many years, and we are so confident in our system that we are willing to gift it to you without reservation.

Come support us by registering your Expression of Interest. Putting your information down is the first step in a journey which not many have embarked on. But it is the first step. 


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