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Welcome to JDK's Traditional Taekwondo in Perth Western Australia 

This martial arts blog was started in April 2007 by Colin Wee as a resource available to all hard style martial artists. My aim was to document just one or two techniques as they are practiced within my weekly taekwondo classes held in Perth, Western Australia. Many of the posts are written after or soon after each class, and were opportunities to discuss issues that I may not have covered thoroughly in class. This may explain the wildly varying quality of the articles.

Armlock and immobilization
Colin applying a takedown and handlock on student (circa 2007) 

Colin is associated with the American Karate and Taekwondo Organization based in Dallas, Texas. The training from the SMU Martial Arts Club was tough, effective, and was transmitted by very knowledgeable and skillful black belt instructors (see This Day in History 1991).

Colin started Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo in Perth Western Australia in 2000. JDK, whilst a small school, has garnered a good amount of attention through the continuous sharing of video training resources over a period of two years, some of which is now available on our YouTube channel.

The continued study of Traditional Taekwondo by Joong Do Kwan involves exploration and innovation - reaching both backward in time to Okinawan and Chinese arts, and forward for modern developments in sport science. This is all to curate a system that represents a distinct historical snapshot of Traditional Taekwondo, and to establish its relevancy for the 21st century.

Our training methodology aims to shut opponents down by anticipating the attack, and curtailing their ability to launch counter measures against our own tactics. It is not simply that we're just doing everything that's not allowed under sporting rules - the end goal influences our training, and how we tap into traditional methods.

Sampling of Posts on Traditional Taekwondo Blog

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Colin Wee
Chief Instructor, JDK
Author, Traditional Taekwondo Perth
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Unknown said…

I couldn't find an email address - so I am posting on your About us page.

I think that you have a great Taekwondo site. I would love to exchange links with you. My main site is http://www. and my blog is

Gary said…
Hi there,

I've been researching traditional forms of Taekwon-do as I find their focus on the "Art" over the sporting attributes very appealing.

I notice you are based in Perth - I am near Brisbane and close enough to the Gold coast too. My research has led me to find Rhee Taekwon-do. It doesn't appear to be affiliated to ITF or WTF but has many branches and also seems 'traditional'. Anyone know what they're system is like?
Colin Wee said…
Hey Gary, I am not too familiar with their lineage, but from what I understand they do market themselves as a 'traditional' school. I would say more affiliated with ITF than not in terms of technique. But I've not seen them in the flesh.

What research have you been doing?

Unknown said…
Hi Colin

Thanks for the link! Just added your site to my blog roll -

Keep up the great work.

Gary said…
HI Colin,

thanks for your reply. They hava a link to their Perth based website which had some information on their philosophy etc. The more I look into it, the more it looks like ITF style - but not affiliated. One thing they don't do is sparring - which I actually prefer. They seem to have many branches for an independent school.

Any further insights would be great.

Colin Wee said…
Will - no problem. I'll visit your site when I come back from my vacation. I'm leaving tonight. I've not had a chance to update my blog because I'be been working on Check it out.

Gary - yes, I've visited their website before. There are pockets of taekwondo practitioners who are not affiliated with ITF and WTF organisations. Some have branched off from those and have pursued independant paths. There are of course those that are long forgotten cousins - who trace their lineage to Taekwondo before ITF was formed. I belong to an organisation like this. Is there a specific angle you are taking in your research?


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