Getting Punched in the Nose

How to Protect Yourself from being Punched in the Nose Whilst doing Martial Arts or How Not to Get Punched in the Nose during Sparring

This isn't me. Again - a picture I just ripped from the net.

Punched in the Nose

The last session began with a few laughs at the expense of the green belt in training. Our resident green belt last week during sparring came in with a left lunge punch but didn't cover his face nor use his left shoulder to shield himself. So it was that I deflected the punch with my right forearm, elbow up and open hand pointing downwards, swung the arm around like a bong sau, and connected my forearm to his nose. Basically what we teach as the intro to Tekki - a deflection followed by strike to the upper gate. The lesson is extremely pertinent, and whilst I was drilling a white belt and our veterans, I made sure to show them how force is received to the face with different head positions. If the head is forward, the force is sent deep into the skeletal framework and dissipated. If the head is held upwards or back, the force gets sent into the first point of leverage - the neck. This results in a knockout or TKO.

How NOT to Get Punched in the Nose

What you need to do even in a forward stance is to drop the chin slightly - the nose gets 'tucked' back under the forehead. Go check it out in the mirror. It also decreases the perceived facial real estate to an opponent standing in front of you. The closer they get, the more your face has got to drop. This is one of the best tips to improve coverage when sparring (or in fact for any other sports where something hard and fast is coming towards your face). Enjoy!

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MARKS said…
Always horrible to feel a punch to the nose, especially when youre eyes start watering after. great piuc by the my site name has changed to also.
Colin Wee said…
There was a time in the states when I was punched in the nose so often in a few months of intense training that my nose was swollen shut and I couldn't breathe through it. The only way air would start to flow was after a couple of minutes jogging - and then it would last about 30 minutes more after that. Then the blockage would return. Pretty funny that ... the stupidity of youth. Colin
WOW, I thought the pic (bloody nose guy) you have in this post was a fake at first. But, looking at it more closely you can see the cartiledge inside the nose is broken and shifted to his left. Getting knocked in the nose is one of the worst feelings there is.. Looks like you being a sissy when you tear up. :) Great tips and post!

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