Dosan Applying the Trap

Dosan Applying the Trap

This application is taken from Dosan's downward open palm trap and spearhand.

The video shows the variations required when the opponent's strike comes from inside the guard or from outside of your guard. This happens if there is a relative circling movement between you or the opponent, or if you have turned relative to where the strike is coming from. 

The mechanics of the trap is discussed, along with the sensitivity required of the lead arm - which helps the defender decide how to set it in motion, and make it work in a dynamic situation. 

Sensitivity like this allows you to improve your reaction time against your opponent. The training to feel the strike coming on one side of the arm or the other, and then the follow up trap, allows you to respond more naturally without having to decide which technique you have to use. The forward move of the arm, plus the increasing pressure onto opponent's arm occurs immediately, appropriately, and tactically. 

Tips for success:
  1. Reach out and connect with the oncoming strike as early as possible
  2. Deflect the oncoming strike by pushing obliquely on the opponent's arm
  3. Then start pushing down with the open palm and towards the body
  4. The trap works by pinning the arm towards the body's structure
  5. The trap needs to be applied whilst you strike out towards the opponent
  6. If you are not confident with the spearhand, you can do a horizontal heel palm like what is being demonstrated.

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