Will Smith Flips the Script and Assaults Chris Rock

Will Smith assaults Chris Rock. 

The initial attack plus the subsequent verbal abuse is totally unacceptable behaviour. The incident was shocking as it was unanticipated violence in a well-heeled environment. An inappropriate reaction to a joke in poor taste, and witnessed live in front of professional peers. 

Let's unpack it as self defence lesson. 

Through the incident, Chris Rock maintained his composure decently well. His outwardly composure to the assault was more so preserved because he was center stage. No doubt he was already 'in the zone' but he would have been struggling internally to process if his GI Jane joke was that bad, and the gravity of Will Smith's outburst on stage and in the audience.    

Chris Rock did see Will Smith approach him. Recognised something was about to happen. Spectated it as it unfolded onto his person. Didn't or couldn't do anything about it. And then looked for some confirmation from staff to figure out what exactly happened, and if he should continue. Most of us would have gone though a situation like this. We do nothing because we can do nothing. We can do nothing because we are not used to the unexpected; not trained to have options ready. Nor have the decision making processes to make a move for physical self defence.

Physical self defence is not always the only option, of course. And I'll let you process this. 

But to be able to act appropriately, you ironically need to 'flip the script' like Will Smith. You need to clarify your own needs beyond all your cultural and moral training. And you need to make the decision well before your opponent comes sauntering on stage to pop you one. 

Good mental visualisation training in the training hall can allow your training to surface at such a time. Getting over conditioning that stops you from using it, that's up to you.  

Stay well.

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