Dosan Spearhand Solo Practice

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Dosan Spearhand Solo Practice is for those training at home in self-isolation, or perhaps without a partner when you're traveling. It's easy when you get together with your training group, and borrow the use of a willing volunteer. Without which you need to make do, and continue to hone those skills. This is application training drawn directly from JDK Perth's Orange belt syllabus.

The Dosan Spearhand application is practiced from both sides. We are making contact with the opponent's limb, gap closing, trapping that limb, and applying a spearhand towards the eye or neck target. We can follow up with a throw or takedown, that will have to be trained with different equipment.

This video tries to show a setup where we are training the trap, gap closing, and resulting strike using two sets of equipment. The challenge is still to try and replicate some semblance of a training partner with equipment you can bring or source at a remote location like in a hotel room or at a hotel gym.

Apologies for the video cutting off abruptly ... my camera ran out of battery right at the end.

Intermediates or seniors watching this video might want to check out Dosan The Spearhand Counter Against Counter.

Dosan Spearhand Intermediate Skills Solo Practice

This video refers to Dosan The Spearhand Counter against Counter

The video introduces the trap from Taekwondo's Dosan's Trap and Spearhand as dealing with initial strike from the opponent, but introduces a challenge where there's not enough time to counter strike the opponent as there is an oncoming secondary weapon from the opponent. The spearhand strike is modified as a deflect or parry, deflecting the secondary strike from the opponent.

We typically don't see the strike modified to deal with an oncoming weapon, as most are training this tool to deliver striking power. We use this with a bend of the wrist in a whipping motion. The arm is then able to pull back and restrike, or we can fire over the opponent's limb as an obstacle.

The end bit of the weapon is angled to deliver the payload on the opponent's neck or eye region.

Solutions are offered to help you practice these skills at home.

Start light. Once you start working with a live opponent, you can increase power as appropriate to your training situation.

If you come up with innovative ways to create that training arm - it doesn't have to be too solid or stable. So long as you've got a reference point in three dimensional space. Yes, if you can create something with minimal and lightweight resources, let us know.

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Keep well my friends.

Colin Wee
Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo
Perth, Western Australia

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