Choongmu The Opening Solo Practice

Choongmu The Opening uses the first two sequences of Choongmu against a jab cross from the opponent. The jab is deflected, the 'double knife hand block' makes connection with the secondary tool, and then the inside knife hand attacks the elbow joint and applies an arm bar or disruption to the opponent. 

This lesson is intended as a senior student and up video, featuring non-gradable material. 

This solo practice video explains how this tactic works, how you make the entry, how you recover if you connect to the arm 'wrongly,' and then how you can practice this at home. 

There are three concepts that underlie all these videos:
  1. That the arm swinging or jabbing out at you has a flight path that is 'tethered' to where the shoulder 'ball and socket' joint is. That there is a maximum orbit. And that you can conceive of this flight path as it comes out at you, and you can 'ride' the outside of the fist or arm as it comes to you.
  2. That if you make connection to the arm, how the connection is made to your extended arm PLUS your sensitivity will guide you to taking the next course of action. That if you made the wrong 'connection' you must modify the technique in order to then close the gap safely, and deal with the secondary tool.
  3. You need to be proactive in order to close the gap. Closing the gap allows you to slow down the exchange, take control of the opponent's structure, jam his limbs, and then disrupt his centre of gravity. 
The solo practice that I offer can be done without much equipment - can be done with either a staff or stick jammed into place. Or can be done with the edge of an open door. 

Please send any questions you have. I'm very happy to take feedback. 

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Keep well my friends.

Colin Wee
Joong Do Kwan
Perth, Western Australia 


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