The Study of Nam Seo Hyung

I celebrated the Easter weekend by practising kata by the river.

I could have stayed in. I could have done a session in my home gym. But I decided to get out of the house, go to the river, practise my system, and work on my mental visualisation.

There was a lot of foot traffic. And, interesting story, I overheard one dog walker on the phone explain that there was "a person teaching a martial arts class." Apparently, I was "teaching a ... class", even though I was the only practitioner there, facing off against my tripod and camera.

This is the strange new landscape carved by COVID-19.

Nam Seo Hyung, the highest form of Grandmaster Keith Yates' system of Taekwondo, is one I am attempting to learn since 2014.

This hyung I'm practicing is the highest form in Nam Seo Kwan, and is one I am trying to learn as I make sense of my martial arts. Earlier this year in 2020, I brought it with me to Imjingak, close to the Korean DMZ. The previous year, I brought it with me to Nordkapp in Norway, the northernmost continent in the world, though I did not get that event on video.

The form has hard and soft elements - and for me it makes references to my first black belt in an eclectic chinese style, traditional elements of the Karate forms I know, and of course the Taekwondo I learned from GM Yates' lineage.

Keep your spirits up, folks.

If anyone is interested in where I was practicing, I decided to scare the locals at the end of Iris Avenue, in Jutland Parade, Dalkeith. You can see from the map below:


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