Self Defence - A Basic Taekwondo Perspective on How to Be Effective when Fear Strikes

Self Defence I typically like to start the class with a break from the taekwondo syllabus and focus on one practical self defence drill. Lately I've been remiss due to the amount of material I want to cover and some absentees. However, we got to do a close quarter drill last night involving a head butt, elbow to the face/neck, and knee strike into the nags or thigh. It was really well received and the drill flowed smoothly and I was able to expand on challenges and key points for success.

At one point, I made sure to talk about the exhalation of breath with the strike and compression of the body. I then asked about the reasoning behind why we breath the way we do. I was extremely proud of the response - that in an aggressive encounter fear is going to affect the student practitioner badly.

This is exactly why we focus on breathing and always force the breath out with any defensive, offensive, or other tactical movement. Fear causes a surge in adrenaline. This adrenaline dump causes the body to take shallow breaths, narrows your vision, clams up your mouth, gives you the shakes, and basically robs you of our effectiveness to self defence. What does it mean? It means that whatever technique you launch is not going to be a significant show stopper - and your aggressor (who is probably going to be a seasoned and violent crim) will wipe the floor with your butt.

Relying on your basic taekwondo or karate training means first using larger abdominal muscles to force your breath out, re-oxygenating your blood, relaxing your tensed up muscles and allowing you have the wherewithal to perform self defence techniques. This helps you get over the 'hump' -- your own psychological barrier preventing self defence action. Relying on basic training also means bringing your hands up in a 'please don't hurt me stance,' drops your chin, and corrects your centre of gravity.

Most of all, relying and having faith in your basic training means recreating the EXACT conditions of timing, distance, and subterfuge that is practiced in our training hall. The example is that if we practiced an elbow at this very close range if if you try to hit the aggressor at a longer range with this one technique, you're going to fail and mess up your chances to escape. For more on the subterfuge required for self defence, please check out the link at the bottom of the page 'Patrick Parker Brings the Beef'

Lastly, I noted for the headbutt that a successful strike will result in an aggressor being out of commission for maybe 3 seconds. So what, I asked then, is the goal of self defence? I stated that an aggressor needs to be put out for up to three minutes. This is a way to communicate how much force your entire body needs to generate when hitting an opponent -- and how you have got to hit the opponent more than once if necessary to make your point.

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