Traditional Taekwondo: Applying the Forebalance

This video was created to support instructors in my community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea was to get online resources which instructors could send to their students, whom could in turn access these emails and continue their training during this period of self isolation.

This presentation is about the Traditional Taekwondo Forebalance or Foreward Stance. Otherwise known as Chongul Sogi or Zenkutsudachi.

The stance is a 'form,' yet another form that needs to be 'applied.'

It is often understood that training in a martial arts class requires repetition. Repetition builds strength. It consolidates skills. And improves your ability to access those tactical skills under duress. I don't have a problem with repetition.

I do have a problem with mindless repetition. And I do have a problem with instructors who use repetition as a way of hazing students. Instructors who don't understand the pedagogy of hard style martial arts. No where is this more apparent than repeating techniques along a line drill.

Have you seen martial art instructors drill students up and down 'the line'? You do technique after technique in various stances, going through the motion, rehashing the same thing without any idea of what you're really doing?

The line drill is suppose to help mental visualisation. It is to help blitz techniques against an opponent. That idea to use repetition to help students learn the techniques? That's only for beginners. For most other students, the line should be where you drill real combinations to be used against real opponents.

This video explores the forebalance as a tactical option against a dynamic opponent or in a multiple opponent scenario. And it makes mention of how the forebalance relates to the other stances you might learn as a martial art beginner.

For an external interview that expands on the insight you have in this video, please see Sensei: Masters of Okinawan Karate #3 Koichi Nakasone.

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For more like this, check out the post Do the Stances Give Hints to the Application?

Be well.


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