Taekwondo Pattern Chon-ji White Belt Grading Oral Test

Taekwondo Pattern Chon-ji

I've had more than a few questions pertaining to the oral section of the upcoming white belt test this weekend. The oral section for beginners is a good way to get beginners understanding bast knowledge of their art, definitions, etc. 9th, 8th, 7th kyu or gup would focus on definitions and terminology. The oral component of the test represents about 10-15% of the entire grade. Students should expect around 3 questions.

Some of the questions white belts can expect are:
1. What is the meaning of Taekwondo?
2. Who is the founder of Taekwondo?
3. What is the meaning of Taekwondo Pattern Chon-ji?
4. How many techniques feature in Chon-ji?
5. What is the technique hardan marki?

Intermediate belts may be asked about important dates in taekwondo, definitions of the meaning of other martial arts and other variants of TKD. Intermediate students will also be asked about the comparison of technique sequences between forms and within forms.

Senior students may be asked on strategic implications of techniques, distancing, philosophical terms, roles, advantages/disadvantages of kyu-dan grading structure, personalities in the martial arts, etc.

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Also see Martial Arts Grading: Oral Section for more surprises as to how I use the oral test to add more complexity in the testing.


Colin Wee
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