Sitemap to Traditional Taekwondo Techniques and Taekwondo Patterns

Sitemap to Traditional Taekwondo Techniques

Welcome to the Traditional Taekwondo Blog
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Introduction to Traditional Taekwondo

Man of Tradition: Australian Taekwondo Magazine Interview, with additional links on the history of Taekwondo
Beginning Taekwondo
Habits of Highly Effective Martial Artists
The Problem with Hard Style Systems like Karate and Taekwondo
Colin talks about Aikido and Traditional Taekwondo
Martial Arts Gradings: Links to this blog and other resources
Only True Taekwondo Practices the Sine Wave
Taekwondo and Self Defence
Taekwondo Sparring Posts
Martial Philosophy: Gichin Funakoshi's 20 Precepts
Anti-Bully Blogging Carnival

General Taekwondo Technique Links

Colin's Traditional Taekwondo Techniques Workshop blog focuses on the techniques and tactics found in Taekwondo. The syllabus containing these techniques come from Taekwondo's Chang Hon pattern set.
Colin talks about the Taekwondo Syllabus
Taekwondo Pattern Chon-ji Hyung List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Dan-gun Hyung List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Do-san List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Won-hyo List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Yul-guk List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Toi-gye List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Choong-gun List of Posts
Taekwondo Pattern Hwa-rang List of Posts
Kata Tekki/Chulgi List of Posts and Getting Punched in the Nose
Taekwondo Roundhouse Kick Technique
Taekwondo Front Kick Equilibrium and Technique
Making Kata Work for You
Calibrating the Taekwondo Side Kick
Applying the Upper Block (Age Uke, Chukyo Marki, or Rising Block)
Applying the Yop Marki Middle Block
Get More Striking Power through Traditional Taekwondo
Angles of Entry

Popular Posts on this Blog

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Won-hyo: Side Kick
Chon-ji Down Block Drills
Hwa-Rang: How to Do a High Roundhouse Kick to the Head
Roundhouse Kick: Muay Thai v Taekwondo

Colin's Favourite Posts

Beginning Sparring Part One: Problems Encountered
Won-hyo: The Kihon Kata Koma
Do-san: Defending Against Straight Blast Punches to the Face
Rebooting the Founder of Taekwondo [Historical Faction]

Martial Art Cross-Postings

Aikido Philosophy, Taekwondo Techniques ... Is it Possible?
Martial Arts Against Martial Arts

Miscellaneous Posts

Martial Arts Resources and Articles
Martial Arts Websites
Other Blogs (Non-MA)
The One TKD Book You Must Get, 15 Jan 2008
Taekwondo News and Information from Martial Sources
Taekwondo Perth Links
Links: Healthy Living Starts Young and At Home


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