Top 10 Fitness Tips

Master Colin Wee was diagnosed with childhood obesity, but changed his mindset toward food, started a lifelong fitness journey, and has maintained his health and fitness throughout his life. Check out his 25 pushups over 25 day challenge - some of the daily pushups he was able to do at 50 years old are nothing less than extreme. However, he believes that if he can do these exercises - most without prior preparation - anyone can do them. 

The following are his Top 10 Fitness Tips:
  1. Exercise isn't Difficult. Start off really slow, and don't get dismayed before you really take off. But ... keep at it. Just like brushing teeth. It's no longer a chore. It's 'maintenance.' It's 'self image.' Schedule it in, and stick with it. Organise your life so you can slip it in and can enjoy it for what it's worth.

  2. Intermittent Fasting. This is going to take some effort. The program I'm on is called 16:8. You eat within an 8 hour window, and you fast for the rest of the time. Go do research. The purported benefits are that your body becomes 'fat adapted' and draws its energy from your fat stores. You get to control your insulin resistance (which is good). And you help cell autophagy - which is a renewal process. Mostly you stop eating after an early dinner, and you don't eat again until 11am the next day. You only can drink water and black coffee until you break your fast. 

  3. HIIT. 'High Intensity Interval Training' - those days where you spend a long time at the gym or jogging slowly are over. Nowadays it's about driving your heart rate up as high can you are safely able to take it. So instead of jogging slowly around the field, you sprint one length, walk/jog the next, sprint again, and walk/jog the next. Instead of the slow steady pounding of the pavement, you could squeeze that previous 30+ minute session into 10-15 minutes and experience huge gains.

  4. Resistance Training. You need to hit the weights. You need to hit the heavy weights. And you need to hit them consistently for your whole body. Don't know where to start? Use a personal trainer. Enrol in some sessions. 

  5. Drop Sugar. Breakfast cereals. Sweetened Yoghurt. Sugar in your coffee. Sports drinks. Soda. Fruit. Fruit juices. Candy. Dessert. Cut them all out. Go out for that special meal once a month, have dessert then. But until that time - cut the rest out of your life.   

  6. Drink More Water. 2 litres a day, wasn't it? Get to it.

  7. Stretch: Include simple joint mobility work at the start of your day and a few at the end of your day. Every day. Doesn't have to take more than 5 minutes. 

  8. Rest, Recover, and Sleep. There is no such thing as over training, only under recovery! Make sure you know when to rest. When you need to recovery. Make sure you get sufficient sleep through the week. And if you need professional help to heal your body or mind - seek it out. 

  9. Bit by Bit. You don't get strong or fit by over training. Consistency is key. Do something every day. Small increments help your body to adjust. It keeps you in the game, and stops you relying on fitness trends to fit into your jeans. 

  10. Eat for Health. Enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods from the five groups every day. Ensure you eat an adequate amount of protein, and vegetables. And avoid diets that rely on solely eating from any one food group. See Australian Dietary Guidelines.
 If you are interested in Master Colin Wee's fitness regiment, check out Lifelong Fitness.

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