Taekwondo Rear Leg Turning Kick Solo Practice

This is a beginner level syllabus requirement introducing an easy-to-do kick eventually allowing the beginner level student to engage in some light sparring.

The Rear Leg Turning Kick is taught in two steps: the first is to spin the hips in order to turn the body directly forward. The second is to turn the entire body on the ball of the front foot, and then to swing the leg so that it is aligned with the body.

Please ensure you are delivering the kick in a horizontal flight path. You can do this buy asking someone to hold their hand for you to aim at, or you can stand in front of the mirror. Then retract or snap your foot back to your backside, before dropping the leg, and then re-adopt your ‘fighting stance.’

To do this and any other kick, you need to be aware of your balance point whilst your leg is extended. Once you get used to making sure your body is aligned and balance, you need to remember this balance point so when you're sending that leg out, you are also positioning your body without losing balance. This is where having a mirror might help - and if you are interested to try... play with different levels of your body. Dropping your body lower or raising it higher to improve your balance for your level of flexibility.

Once again for safety when you practice at home – you have got to stand in an area where you’ve got at least 2 metres of clearance all around you. I had a student kick the edge of his door once. And that wasn’t very long ago.



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