Reverse Snap Punch Solo Practice

Reverse Snap Punch Solo Practice
JDK Beginner Syllabus

I'm part of a group called Instructors United Against COVID-19. We're making instructional video material accessible for students through emails or FB groups - but unlisted on YouTube and not for general distribution. So please don't post the link on a Personal FB Profile but feel free to email this to your own students for their own practice, and of course feel free to post it onto closed groups for use by your own member base. Use this link

This video Reverse Snap Punch Solo Practice focuses on a technique we train in our beginner syllabus. We teach it alongside Dosan, associated with the wedge block double punch sequence. It is a karate technique, to be sure. But as a non-gimmicky technique, it is one of the most powerful techniques I know. It is normally trained on a makiwara or kwongo. But it is wise to start without it, especially for younger practitioners. The tool I am suggesting allows anyone to learn the kinetic chaining that comes from a hip twist or hip vibration. 

The hip vibration was represented similarly to 'the Twist' dance, save that you then throw your centre of gravity forward and downward into the ball of your front foot. The kinetic chaining that comes from this is coordinated by breath out - which tightens the core, and transmits this body movement through the legs, through your core, into your body and then delivered through your arm. 

Please make sure you train this on a makiwara or striking post under supervision - there is a tendency to punch the surface with too much power, and not with enough control and precision. Doing this opens up the risk of damaging your knuckles (at the least), breaking your fingers, or breaking your wrist. For more information on this type of training, see The Striking Post.

Lastly, Instructors ... if you like this video, or if you're sharing it with your students, or if you'd like to add to our growing resource, or if you can think of stuff that others might enjoy, why not come look for us on FaceBook at 'Instructors United Against Covid-19.'

If you want to explore this subject more, see Force = [ (Mass x Acceleration) - Fallacies]

Keep well my friends.

Colin Wee
Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo
Perth, Western Australia

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