Front Kick Biodynamics, Lean Back, and Hip Thrust

The question is whether you lean backward or push your hips forward for a Taekwondo Front Kick.

Typically learning the front kick in a hard style class, we start with the front kick with the chambered knee, snap the kick out and back, and return the leg back to acquire the original stance again. This doesn't very clearly show the compression of the body for short range kicks, or the expansion of the body for long range kicks. 

So the line drill doesn't give a very clear indication of how much lean back or hip thrust you need for a kick.

Tactical examples that are shown: 1) dragging an opponent forward to deliver a front kick in the short range. 2) If you deflect and control the opponent, but are firing the kick to the support leg, then there is a slight hip thrust, without much of a lean because you're holding the opponent still. 3) If you're keeping the opponent at bay, then you need to push out the hip, rather than leaning back - you only lean back to balance your COG whilst you're firing the kick, and lastly 4) if you want to fire the kick subversively high up centreline or if you want it to be picture perfect. 

Remember kicks are sneaky, and there are massive benefits to be able to deliver the kick without telegraping the move too early. 

This video is recommended to supplement solo practice at a beginner and intermediate level.


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