Whistlekick Time Capsule

Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio are happy to announce the upcoming 500th episode of Martial Arts Radio on May 11th.

To celebrate they are creating a martial arts time capsule packed full of words of wisdom from martial artists the world over representing every style.

The team at Whistlekick invited me seeing as I was a previous guest on the show (see Episode 448 - Master Colin Wee) and wanted to have me record a message in the form of a short video clip.

In the video I'm supposed to answer this question:
"What would you tell a martial artist one hundred years in the future?"

The messages could be words of wisdom, advice for new students, advice for experienced students, something important and meaningful to you that you picked up from your experiences in martial arts that might be valuable to someone in the future.

This is my perspective of what I've observed after having practiced hard style martial arts for 37 years.

Be well.


Master Colin Wee
Joong Do Kwan
Perth, Western Australia

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