Trapping Hands and Knocking on the Front Door

Things are not always as they seem.

In Do-san, the most apparent part of this move to beginners or intermediate practitioners is that you are laying into your opponent using a backfist to 'rap' on their face.

As you progress, that backfist application becomes a way of blitzing the opponent, and stripping down his lead guard in order to land your strike through the raised arms. As we study how the opponent behaves under duress, we can then improve our own tactics in order to disorientate the opponent.

The forward rolling of our hands as we lay into the opponent with a backfist strike allows us to look at the trapping motion. The tactical value of the trap is that it encumbers the opponent's arm. It slows him down, allows us to transition between other techniques.

In this example the trap is driven directly forward, and sets the opponent up to believe it is a pushing type of attack. As the opponent fights back, the trap then switches direction, pushing the arm down. This creates confusion in the opponent as the opponent is still engaged in fighting against a pushing force. 

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