Koryu Uchinadi HAPV 2 Person Drills Seminar

I had the immense pleasure of being invited by Kancho Nenad Mazzali to the new Wu Wei Dao Traditional Fighting Arts Academy Hombu in Bayswater today for a fantastic seminar by Renshi Chris Mazzali 6th Dan.

Can I brag about how good my day was? Firstly, Kancho Nenad's new dojo is absolutely fantastic. Good comfortable size, very nicely done up (on the verge of being trendy but not quite), and with excellent wooden floor boards. Now this is a man who is proud of what he does, the place he's set up, and you could see the happiness and satisfaction beaming from him!

Meeting Renshi Chris was like meeting an old friend again. Really a great guy, friendly, confident, an excellent all round teacher. I knew from the warm ups that it was going to be a fantastic seminar. He creates a good rapport with the class, communicates well, and has an amazing range of warmup and drill excercises. The best thing? He uses fantastic analogies! Few instructors in my mind do that well - he does.

Renshi Chris was introducing Shihan Patrick McCarthy's HAPV 2 Person drills. While these are not new to me, they do not appear in our core practice; the drills are an excellent way to learn block or lock flow with a second partner.

Renshi Chris taught us two sets of HAPV drills, and introduce concepts throughout the session. He was extremely generous with his time. We were to have originally gone from 11:30am to 1pm, but the class was extended to 3pm instead! What a fantastic bonus.

Throughout the session he would try to link his techniques to natural movements and to those stylised movements we learn from basic karate kihon or taekwondo techniques. He liked it when I compared one of the drills to the opening sequence of tekki.

All in all, it was a great training session, made all the better by the fact I wasn't teaching, and didn't feel responsible for anyone (even though I had a student there).

It's a shame there were only 2 non-Wu Wei Dao participants. At $20, this was a fantastic opportunity to share time with a very very good instructor. If you're in Perth, you should check out the Wu Wei Dao news blog for their latest events.


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