Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications

Joong Do Kwan's Taekwondo Applications
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11 Jun 2017

Tenets of Taekwondo

A 'tenet' is a doctrine or principle - ideas that can guide behaviour and action. The calligraphy however, indicates that these are not just a list of items to follow but they are Taekwondo's '精神' (Jīngshén) or the spirit of Taekwondo.

Spirit is used synonymous with 'essence' - and indicates the core of our physical and mental practice.

The individual Tenets of Taekwondo are: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit.


Courtesy is understanding dojang etiquette, and then seeking excellence in manner within the dojang and beyond. Courtesy is the generosity of spirit.


Integrity refers to moral and ethical principles. Integrity is clarity of spirit.


Perseverance is not just indicating striving in the face of adversity. 忍耐 means to endure, to tolerate, to have spiritual patience.

Self Control

A loss of self control can be disastrous in the dojang and in daily life. However, the tenet of self control is more about adopting a mindset that allows you to focus and apply yourself to the best of your ability. Self control is to seek spiritual discipline.

Indomitable Spirit

Indomitable Spirit is that which allows you to be unconquerable, to never be dominated. It is the spirit of courage.

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Rick Matz said...

It seems that there is the concept of Budo in TWD. What is the Korean term for it?

Colin Wee said...

Hey Rick - I think the equivalent in Korean is Mudo. But then I don't speak Korean. :-) Colin