Joong Do Kwan 2015

Joong Do Kwan 2015
Joong Do Kwan School of the Middle Way

25 Jan 2015

Sensei Gichin Funakoshi's 20 Precepts: #8

 Precept #8 : "Do not think that karate training is only in the dojo."

I just experienced a life lesson that has opened my eyes to the meaning of that precept.

I always thought Karate happened when I put on my gi, walked onto the dojo floor, and started training.. but it's not like that.  All of the tools that you learn from your training can be applied into  your life.

The patience that you need to work on lifting your knee into the proper chamber position for a kick can overflow into the patience that you need to have when you are working on your car, and not getting the result that you thought you would get.

The courage, and mental control that you need to face an oncoming attack is the same courage that you can call upon when one of your customers is yelling angrily at you about their issues.

The humility you develop from realizing that the technique that you thought you had learned well still needs fixing is the same humility that you need when you make a mistake at work. If you don't admit to the problem, you won't be able to correct it.

Every time that you stop yourself from having a "knee jerk" reaction to a situation, and you use your skill sets to put that moment to your advantage, and gain from it.. you are using Martial Arts in your life.  We train SO hard to improve ourselves in the dojo, and achieve our goals, I believe that this should overflow into our lives.

Colin Wee
Principal, Joong Do Kwan (Perth)
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Potatoe Fist said...

It's great to hear this spelled out. Alas, my wife still likes to startle me and I end up jumping in the air with a tinny shriek. It's been 20 years; you'd think I'd be better about it. Under duress I'd like to think I'd be better, but I'll probably end up scaring someone by shrieking and jumping.

rebeccafrank said...

Its true that martial arts not only teaches one to learn the self-defense but also renders mental and physcial fitness for the betterment of an individual in his lifetime. Thanks for sharing this post!! said...

Spoken like a true martial artist. I wish there were more people like you in our area. Many people just go to class and leave what they learned at the door on their way out.