Dosan Spearhand

Who conditions their fingers so that Dosan's Spearhand becomes a legitimate tool?

Not me.

So how am I going to advocate beginners use the tips of their fingers against someone's eyes or throat? How do you justify that technique at all? Got to be careful with the possibility of blinding someone in any situation. Students need to understand use of force. And have maturity to made the right decision when there's a perceived threat against their life.

So here I am with the open palm trap and spearhand. I'm going to apply that to deflect any oncoming strike, wade in with a nice over-the-shoulder vertical heel palm and then rotate the opponent's head into a takedown. As you can see, protect yourself during the takedown and proceed with immobilisation.

In the below video, Colin extends a lesson from the beginner syllabus for intermediate and above student practitioners. This demos Do-san's open palm trap and vertical spearhand against a flurry of hands strikes from opponent. This is not just one application, but a continuation from a series of lessons which explore the technique.


Note that the technique is 'applied' so that we can receive the strike from the opponent irrespective of what side leads. Meaning, we can make the technique work with his left side out or his right side. We are adapting the spearhand in order to strike various targets or to establish a neck manipulation and then a takedown hold. In this class, the discussion relates to what happens if the opponent has countered before the practitioner has been able to deliver the strike.

With the ability to articulate shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, the striking hand becomes a block or deflection, and hooks into the secondary strike - become a brush trap. If the secondary tool comes wide, then the practitioner has the choice to tap into a library of basic techniques in order to deal with the oncoming strike.

This is hard style Taekwondo training at its best. Once you see the entirety of training (as opposed to the limited context of this video), you will see simple ready-to-use tools packaged for the student practitioner.

This last video is about modifying the spearhand application to deal with unknown or unread telegraphed movements from the opponent. The application must be 'applied' to the threat and cope with the randomness of a live and non-compliant person.

Again ... no technique is above the ethical use of martial arts for self defence! We all have a duty of care!!!

Keep training. Keep it real!


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