Toi-gye Mountain or 'W' Blocks

I'm part of a closed group on FaceBook just recently created called 'The Study of Taekwondo/ 태권도의 연구'. It's like a book club, except of course the book we're discussing relates to all things Taekwondo. Who's in it? There are some really cluey people there - while I don't want to specifically name names, I do say 'hello' to some of them using their first names on the video. Most of them enjoy some popularity on the internet - you might be able to guess who they are.

Anyway, one of the first things that was identified for discussion was Taekwondo pattern Toi-gye's 'W' block. It's called yama uke in karate; yama is 'mountain' and uke is 'block'. The video I took last night was really meant to go on that discussion group, so if the labels seem a little strange, you now know why. Also I've got to apologise - I used my digital camera and not the video cam, and the audio mysteriously stopped working halfway. So instead of having me yakking throughout, I had to put stock music halfway through.

What I want to emphasize with my hyung interpretation is for things 1) to work well for left and right attacks, and 2) must protect the user quickly - meaning it works to stop the most logical attack with a natural or simple response. I don't want a series of techniques that require too much time to learn.

Check out Mark Cook's view on the 'W' block and rjan Nielson's post on the Mountain Block.


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