Toi-gye Mountain or 'W' Blocks

I'm part of a closed group on FaceBook just recently created called 'The Study of Taekwondo/ 태권도의 연구'. It's like a book club, except of course the book we're discussing relates to all things Taekwondo. Who's in it? There are some really cluey people there - while I don't want to specifically name names, I do say 'hello' to some of them using their first names on the video. Most of them enjoy some popularity on the internet - you might be able to guess who they are.

Anyway, one of the first things that was identified for discussion was Taekwondo pattern Toi-gye's 'W' block. It's called yama uke in karate; yama is 'mountain' and uke is 'block'. The video I took last night was really meant to go on that discussion group, so if the labels seem a little strange, you now know why. Also I've got to apologise - I used my digital camera and not the video cam, and the audio mysteriously stopped working halfway. So instead of having me yakking throughout, I had to put stock music halfway through.

What I want to emphasize with my hyung interpretation is for things 1) to work well for left and right attacks, and 2) must protect the user quickly - meaning it works to stop the most logical attack with a natural or simple response. I don't want a series of techniques that require too much time to learn.

Check out Mark Cook's view on the 'W' block and rjan Nielson's post on the Mountain Block.


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Comments said…
Taekwondo Techniques is one of the strongest Techniques of the whole Martial Arts in general, even much more stronger than the chinese. The fact that most of the attacksa nd selfdefence lies on kicks, very strong kicks, in all directions, in deffirent levels, so the enorm power what comes out of it can be even fatal and very efffective. I my self started and practiced Taekwondo for several years, I had to stop it because of that reason, but I still like it very much and may be I come back to again.

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