Resources for Online Collaborative Learning

Online Collaborative Learning refers to JDK's distance-based learning. One-to-one distance based classes are made available to JDK members.

Online Collaborative Learning is different from being in a regular face-to-face class. Martial art students should not expect the same learning environment to be replicated. There are of course advantages to being able to learn remotely, and this is just one opportunity to continue your martial arts journey if you require to quarantine yourself or when you are travelling. 

JDK's Online Collaborative Learning is not an exercise class. There are many other non-martial art programs available to help you gain fitness, if you're interested. 

Watching YouTube Lessons Together

JDK Online Collaborative Learning platform uses watch2gether to allow both JDK instructor and remote Taekwondo students to view our YouTube resources together. Please wait to receive a unique watch2gether link created by your instructor to guide your training session. Watch2gether allows your instructor to sequence videos, invite participants into a 'room,' and continue a chat commentary whilst the video plays.

Watch2gether ideally works well with webcam, and speakers plus microphone, but at bare minimum you must have speakers attached to your computer. And those speakers must be on.

When you get invited into the room, please click on the Avatar ID and rename it to your name. You (and/or an assistant) need to be able to type responses back through a keyboard, and you should feel comfortable switching between applications; typically done by using the Alt-Tab keys on your computer.

Turn the microphone on by floating your cursor over the top of your avatar. Please turn the microphone off if you're watching videos with the instructor. Only turn it on when you are asked to talk or to discuss.

When you log onto the Watch2gether window, expand the chat window on the right pane. There is a 'chat' icon on the lower right. Please click on that.

Note: using your mobile phone for this will not give you an adequate user experience. At minimum you should be viewing these sessions with a tablet or more ideally, your desktop computer. If you are not familiar with this tool, you should also test out the platform the day before in order to get your equipment working correctly.

Setting Up Your Screens, Camera, and Training Area

Make sure there is sufficient space for you to move (e.g. swinging your legs and your arms) without knocking into furniture. And the floor area should be clear of any obstruction so you don't stub your toe, and you can land safely without hurting yourself if you slip. 

For watching YouTube videos, you should have a screen and keyboard set up so that you or your assistant are able to type responses whilst watching the online martial art resources together. 

For remote practicum training you need to set up your camera so that a light shines from behind the camera to your face. You should try to make sure there is no light shining from the back of your body towards the camera. The camera should be at chest level or higher and be looking down at your whole body.  

Optionally, you should use electrical tape or gaffer tape to mark out the centre of the room where you will stand. You should also mark out the edges where you don't pass over. This is for safety as well as being 'in the frame.'

Prerequisites for Online Collaborative Learning

As with regular classes, you should wear your uniform, if able. As an alternative, you may choose to wear exercise gear or similar that allows freedom of movement. Some sessions may require you to watch a video first, or read an online article. Others may require you to train with a partner. You should inquire about the prerequisites for such training before the session starts. Please also feel free to feedback to your instructor the training conditions you have before this lesson starts; for instance, practising in your hotel room will be very different from being in your backyard.

The day before your session starts, make sure you are able to message your instructor and confirm your attendance via email.

The day of your lesson, please warm up before your session starts. Please be on time for your lesson. Please ensure you check your email 5 minutes before the lesson to see what watch2gether room you need to visit, and what video conference link you need to click on.

Sectioned Diagram of the Human Body

Wing Chun Centreline Diagram

Checklist for Online Collaborative Learning

  1. Have you successfully connected to the testplatform room?
  2. Do you have at least audio and your keyboard working? 
  3. Or ideally a webcam, headphones, and a mic?
  4. Do you know how to turn on your video feed?
  5. Impt #1: Do you know how to mute your mic when you are not talking?
  6. Do you know how to change your Avatar's name to your own name?
  7. Impt #2: Do you know how to open the chat window?

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