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Niaal Holder trained with Joong Do Kwan from 2000 - 2019.

Niaal Holder standing right of center in the back row, cross trains with Kidokwan Perth on invitation by SM Peter Wong May 2016.

Niaal's shodan grading took place in 2011 at the Subiaco PCYC, featuring some memorable pressure test scenarios (including a combative 'gauntlet run' through a corridor filled with the school's other students). Niaal has worked in JDK as an assistant instructor since in a number of public and private self defence seminars, and has helped with the slew of events we coordinate including the 2014 IAOMAS Perth Conference.

Niaal cross training with Kidokwan Perth 2014
Niaal took part in and won his bout in the 2013 Free Form Fighting Games held at Loftus Recreation Centre at Leederville, WA, as a participant in the Open Weight category.

Since he started in JDK, Niaal has been one of the best officers we've had - sometimes single-handedly corralling members and new members for training. He is a never-say-no guy who also happens to be one of our toughest practitioners. Niaal is currently a 3rd Dan Black Belt in JDK.

Niaal's Story

From the moment I learned to push a worn copy of ‘American Ninja’ into the VCR, I quite badly wanted to know how to throw a spinning kick. In no time at all I taught myself to throw a spinning kick, quite badly.

Growing up a little, I slowly discovered the value of training with and under people who actually knew what they were doing. I hopped about between various martial arts schools, as school-aged children tend to do, before finding my way to a smaller TKD academy at the age of 20. Things seemed a little different off the bat. For one, the instructor seemed to be trying really hard to get rid of me. I got the impression that he’d only give back according to the effort I put in.

…and that seemed like a perfectly decent trade.

I’m honoured to have trained under and alongside Colin since 2000, watching our curriculum evolve across the years and challenging myself to adapt each step of the way. As a child, a black belt always looked like the finish line, the reward for a challenging journey of learning. Having since achieved that goal I can see the journey has only just begun, and I am proud to continue that journey with the generous, inquisitive team at JDK.

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