Joshua Lay

Joong Do Kwan's Assistant Instructor | Kyo Sah Nim | Joshua Lay

Joshua was promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt in August 2019 here in Perth, Western Australia.

Joshua's 2014 grading featured a gruelling hour long sparring session.

Joshua is a technical practitioner who has excellent fundamentals, and makes Taekwondo Hyung look beautiful when performed. This technical precision is balanced only with his intuitive approach to applications and drills from the patterns.

In 2018, Joshua was part of an international group of international instructors touring Korea, and participated in a commemoration ceremony to mark the 63rd anniversary of Taekwondo at the Fist Monument - Taekwondo's symbolic birthplace situated in Jeju Island.

Joshua has a depth of experience with overall fitness, bodyweight-oriented exercise, physical recovery and physiotherapy, and has a good interest in 'healthy living.' 

Joshua at a joint JDK, Kidokwan Perth, and Innovative Martial Arts training 2017.

Joshua is one of the most committed practitioners you would meet. He also has a broad range of experience cross training with several different schools in Perth, Western Australia.

Joshua's Story

Growing up I had always found martial arts captured my interest. I trained in Taekwondo when I was very young and then delved into the world of Kung Fu when I was a teenager, but I only managed to train in each for a couple of years; injury being a factor for dropping out. It wasn’t until much later that I decided to kindle my interest again.

My first class at Joong Do Kwan was in 2011 and from that point on, martial arts has well and truly embedded itself in my life.  I’ve been lucky to have Colin Wee as my chief instructor for all these years. His study of pattern applications are a constant source of inspiration for my journey in Taekwondo. This study is something I have looked to develop and aim to continue developing over my time with Taekwondo.

I really can't imagine my life without this practice. I believe I will continue training for the rest of my life, and hope to share what I’ve gained from it with others.

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