Colin Wee

Joong Do Kwan's Chief Instructor | Chung Sah Nim | Colin Wee

Colin Wee has practiced three styles in three continents for close to four decades.

Colin Wee in 2012 leading a session amongst an instructor network

After immigrating into Western Australia, Colin renamed his school Joong Do Kwan - 중도관 [中道館] - a nod towards 'Chung Do Kwan' the first of the original Korean kwans. Meaning 'the school of the middle way,' Joong is the point between predecessors of our art and modern innovations in combative sport.

Colin Wee was invited by GM Keith Yates to be guest speaker and presenter at AKATO's 40th Anniversary held March 2016 in Dallas, Texas. On the extreme left is Mr Yates, and extreme right is Sensei Mike Proctor, Colin's Karate teacher.

Colin is widely read and has done extensive research into the martial arts, in search for the '精神' (Jīngshén) or 'essence' in his art. Together with an innate understanding of human bio-dynamics this makes him an excellent teacher of traditional arts.

In Western Australia, Colin often acts as an event organiser for events amongst other senior practitioners and martial arts schools. He enjoys this networking, and treasures the opportunity to seek out other individuals with the same passion.

In a past life, Colin was a National Representative and Assistant National Coach in Archery. Professionally he holds a BBA (Hons) in OBBP from Cox School of Business, and an MBT from University New South Wales.

For more information see Interview with Colin Wee by Bunkai Jutsu and listen to the Whistlekick Interview on Master Colin Wee.

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