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Colin earned his first black belt in an eclectic Chinese/Korean system out of South East Asia in 1987. He then joined American Karate and Taekwondo Organization in Dallas, Texas in 1991 where he trained in Traditional Taekwondo from GM Keith Yates' Nam Seo Kwan Taekwon Do lineage.

Colin Wee in 2012 leading a session coordinated by World Organizer of Martial Art (WOMA) - the first and hopefully last contact he had with this certificate mill in Perth, Western Australia. However, this event helped him meet many new friends who are extremely capable martial artists in Australia. 

Colin's story below ...

I have been practicing some form of martial arts since the early 80s - one reason was to get over being an obese kid, and another was because I thought what I saw on television of martial arts was the coolest thing ever. I thus got my first black belt in an eclectic Chinese/Korean system in South East Asia when I was 17yo in 1987. When I moved to the United States in 1991, I was blessed to join SMU Martial Arts Club training Traditional Taekwondo led by Sensei Bryan Robbins. I subsequently also trained under Sensei Michael Proctor.

Colin Wee squares up against Kyoshi Gary Simpson of Zanshinkai Karate in a closed-door by-invite-only continuing professional development session called IAOMAS Masters in Q1 2017. Also in the picture from L->R are Gawain Siu (Principal of Ging Mo Kuen), Jeff  Cosgrove (Instructor of Wu Wei Dao), Andrew Netes (Shihan from Bujinkan Perth), Dragan Malesic (Instructor from Bujinkan Perth), Joshua Lay (Asst Instructor of JDK), and seated is Peter Wong (Principal of Kidokwan Taekwondo Perth). Colin met Kyoshi Simpson via association with our US colleague Kyoshi Bruce Clayton PhD, author of Shotokan's Secret.

Since then, the work I have done extrapolating from studies of my Taekwondo lineage has me reflecting on how Taekwondo fits in the grand scheme of the martial arts world, trying to understand the lessons I've been gifted, dreaming of how far I can take Traditional Taekwondo, and making its '精神' (Jīngshén) or 'spirit' accessible to one and all.

Colin Wee was invited by GM Keith Yates to be guest speaker and seminar presenter at AKATO's 40th Anniversary held March 2016 in Dallas, Texas. On the extreme left is GM Keith Yates, and on the extreme right is Sensei Mike Proctor, Colin's Karate teacher. Colin was further honoured to receive AKATO's Instructor of the Year Award at the banquet held to commemorate the event - a very proud moment in his martial arts career. 

My school is Joong Do Kwan중도관 [中道館]. JDK is a nod towards 'Chung Do Kwan' the first of the original kwans, and it means 'the school of the middle way.' Joong is the point between predecessors of our art and modern Korean innovations from the mid 1940s and beyond.

In 2016, I embarked on a journey to publish a book which I'm calling The Martial Heart of Taekwon Do Hyung in commemoration of AKATO's 40th Anniversary. This book was to convey to other practitioners that our patterns are impressions, they are memories, and they are the wishes of experienced technicians who are now long gone. The application of these Hyung should thus consider the stress of an encounter and how the opponent responds to you. It's not simply gifting random functionality to a series of techniques.

If you are ever in Perth and, like us, are walking the middle path, please stop by for a visit.

Colin is a member of American Karate and Taekwondo Organization, an Associate Master Instructor with Taekwondo Kidokwan Perth, International Affiliate with Molum Combat Arts Association, and an Administrator for The study of Taekwondo/ 태권도의 공부. Colin is ranked 6th dan in Traditional Taekwondo. In a previous life, Colin was a National Representative in Archery and Assistant National Coach. Colin holds a BBA with Honors in Organisation Behavior, and a Masters in Business and Technology. Colin was awarded AKATO Instructor of the Year 2016.

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