Vaughan Jackson takes Martial Arts to Avoid an Abusive Parent

Vaughan is a recent internet martial arts acquaintance of mine, referred by Charlie from Bunkai Jutsu because of my interest in starting up an anti-bullying carnival amongst martial arts bloggers. Vaughan tells me of his early experiences and how that has pushed him into martial arts - to become a stonger person and to become a positive role model. Very admirable traits. Please help me welcome Vaughan to Joong Do Kwan.

Starting on the Path by Vaughan Jackson, Jujutsu, Shodan

What would it take for you to make the world a better place?

I had an abusive father, who was himself bullied as a kid. Yip Man told Bruce Lee that " you must dissolve all your demons of fear, or else you will pass them onto your children. " Well, my father was a coward, who "stood over" a passive wife( my mother) and my brother and I, as well as my sister.

For years, we were just petrified of the guy, but we could not report it to the local policeman ( we lived just outside a small town where there was just one policeman who played tennis and squah rackets with my father).

He was a farmer, whose treatment of cattle was nothing short of abuse, and still makes me sick when I think about it.

They say " just forgive and and let live. " Which is sound advice I guess. But how are you supposed to forget 18 years of your life, when you wake up in the middle of the night screaming, when you speak to your sister over the phone who sounds distant because she is doped up on so much medication to drown out her voices?

Easier said than done.

I initially began Martial Arts to learn to defend myself, and to have something to believe in; a warrior's path, where men were fair in dealing with each other and administering justice; a Code of Honour; where there were people just like me, who had suffered from fear for a large part of their lives, and now were pro-actively seeking a solution.

A Positive role model for a change!

Born in 1971, Vaughan Jackson (Shodan) is a graduate of Law and History (LLB, BA) from a New Zealand University, has studied Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu, and now Judo and  traditional Japanese Jujitsu. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Martial Arts Perth

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supergroup7 said…
I admire the courage shown by Mr. Jackson in posting of the horrors of his past. I'm grateful that he has found a way to take this pain, and become a stronger person. I do wish him, and his family healing for what was done to him.
An excellent post sir! I too must applaud your courage to put yourself on stage. Hopefully you can be that postie role model for change in someone else's life when reading this. I know it definitely had an impact on me.
Colin Wee said…
Vaughan - firstly thank you for your frank and honest post. But you must say, this is not your average schoolyard bully scenario, and thus I must say while there are many takeaway lessons from your post, this might not apply to what children might face in a situation where they get bullied. In many ways what you have experienced is far worse, and it might be great for you to continue to explore options for children or for friends who might know of people who suffer. What can they do to improve their situation? What are ways to make it less bad? Certainly there is a continuation to your story. Or at least ideas that you currently have as to what you'd say to someone who's experiencing what you previously did. Thank you for participating. Cheers, Colin
Anonymous said…
Good on you Vaughan. Good luck and go hard. james.

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